23 Weeks Pregnancy Update!

How far along?  23 weeks!
Maternity clothes: No new maternity clothes, but I have been wearing really big T-shirts and shorts while relaxing in the house just because its been so humid lately and its so uncomfortable !!
Stretch marks: none, still lathering my belly and rest of my body with Palmers CoCoButter stretch mark cream, its working a treat....for now lol! I have also been putting Johnsons Baby Lotion on my hands and legs for two reasons, I love the smell lol and also I read somewhere that If you have a dog a good idea to get them used to all the different smells of having a baby around is to use creams and lotions on yourself that you will be using on your baby, that way the smells will be somewhat familiar when baby is here!
Sleep: Not too good as its really warm and humid at the minute and I just can't seem to get comfy!
Best moment this week: Getting most of the decorating in the house completed ! all thanks to my lovely Mam who turned into a decorator for the week lol
Miss anything? I know I'm repeating myself from last week but I really miss the cold weather at the minute lol
Movement: Lots and lots lol he's a right little wriggler ! 
Food cravings: KFC, McDonalds and still Coffee and glasses of Milk lol
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!! 
 Gender: A Little Man!!!!
Labour signs: None
Symptoms: My feet have started to swell just a little bit I think mainly because of the heat. I also had a little trip to the doctors this week because after a little argument at work I went really dizzy and my vision went blurry and also my feet and hands went into pins and needles ! I also couldn't stop crying !! When I had my blood pressure took at the doctors it was perfectly fine so the nurse thinks my blood pressure has shot up suddenly then come straight back down again!
Belly button in or out? still waiting for it to pop all the way out lol but its defiantly getting there!
Wedding rings on or off? On ....but there has been a couple of times this week i have had to take them off!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!
Looking forward to: my 2 weeks off work next week!!!! I'm going to enjoy it so much lol

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