Getting Ready For Autumn!!!!

Hi Everyone!

So Its October 2nd today and I'm really in the mood for everything Autumn !!!!
I have decided make this post solely to get everyone else in the Autumn mood (so I'm not a loner! ) 

The first thing that pops into my head straight away when I think of Autumn is Halloween ! 

I absolutely LOVE Halloween and everything that comes along with .....little kids tick or treating (yes I'm one of them ones that give kids money or sweets instead of pretending I'm not in or closing the door on their poor faces !) ......the dressing up ! (I know I'm 24 .....I should of grown out of wanting to dress up like a vampire or a zombie!) I JUST WANT TO EXTEND ON THIS ,I DON'T ACTUALLY DRESS UP AND JUST SIT IN THE HOUSE, I ONLY DRESS UP IF I'M GOING TO A HALLOWEEN PARTY OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES! (I'm not that off my rocker!)....Everyone has their comfort film the film that every year without fail you have to watch at a certain points for example my winter one has to be HOME ALONE and EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, but my all time favourite Autumn films that I have to watch ( probably this week lol) is HOCUS POCUS and CASPER!!

Another BIG thing about Autumn I love is when the trees start to loose their leaves and the ground becomes a mass of warm cosy autumn colours! 

I also love changing my wardrobe around in Autumn, and buying some much needed warmer clothing to add to my collection. I'm actually thinking of starting a monthly look-book! but here's some Pinterest pictures of my ideal Autumn Outfits!.......

Well this is where I end this post as I'm about to go to my DVD cabinet and get Hocus Pocus out to watch!!!

See Ya!

Ainz xx

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