Pregnancy Update,Cystic Hygroma and Echo cardiogram.

Hi Everyone!

A lot has happened since the last post, a lot I need to update you all on. 
First things first, we received the full array test results back from the CVS and we were so over the moon and very very relieved that they were completely clear of any chromosomal abnormality!!! It was like a huge weight had been lifted off us, now its was just for the Echo cardiogram of the little ones heart.

The Echo was performed by a specialist and he was absolutely brilliant, he explained everything in detail as he was scanning me. Everything looked perfectly healthy with babies heart no problems at all!!! The consultant who scanned us last time and performed the CVS came in to take a peek again and do a quick check of the fluid behind baba's neck. She told us fluid had gone well it was the measurement it should be for the gestation, so that was great news! no Cystic Hygroma anymore! We were just smiling ear to ear on the walk back to the car! we even got a couple of pictures of the little man ! 

We can now finally start to enjoy this pregnancy now and start buying little bits and pieces for him! I was too scared to buy anything before but I feel a lot more confident now. I know I'm only 17 weeks but I cant wait to meet this little baby miracle of mine already!

Next step for us is another heart scan at 21 weeks which is routine if you have already had one done , and obviously the anomaly scan which will be done at the same time. I'm still a little apprehensive about this but I'm sure everything will be fine! We have even booked a tour of the birthing centre at the RVI where we are under consultant care at the minute because it looks absolutely fantastic and I have been recommended it by a lot of people, only problem is its 30 minutes + drive from our house to the hospital......lets just hope baby isn't too eager to see us! 

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