SkipHop Forma- Grey, Changing Bag Review!!

Hi everyone!!

So I had my changing bag delivered the other day and I am in LOVE! 

I have decided to give you all (that are interested lol) a little review on the SkipHop Forma Changing Bag. I was originally going to get the Babymel Big Slouchy Bow Vintage bag but after choosing my pram I thought this one would go better, and also its a little less feminine, for the days when Andrew might have to carry it (not that he ever will lol).

Well here it is!..........

The front of the bag has two zip pockets and a lovely "Quilted" look to it.

The back of the bag has one big zip compartment with a removable Changing Pad.  

The inside of the bag is very deep and has two internal pockets. It also has the stroller straps on each side so you can attach it to your pram.

The front big pocket zips open to reveal two separate removable compartments. The chevron patterned compartment is an insulated bottle bag with room enough for two bottles. The other removable compartment is a mesh fronted packing cube, ideal for putting a change of clothing in, or something you want to keep separate from the main compartment.

Once the two storage compartments are removed you can see it leaves you with two elasticated mesh pockets, I think this is ideal for putting your nappies in. If you decide not to take your removable compartments out with you, then this space is another really good deep pocket, the only downside to it obviously, is if you do take the two storage compartments out with you then you would loose this space as shown on the picture above this one.


This is the storage pocket at the front of the bag ideal for putting your personal belongings in,so your not rummaging around for them in the main compartment. It also has a phone holder. 

All in all I'm so pleased with my choice and I would definitely  recommend this bag to anyone who is struggling to decide !! All that's left to do now is actually use it as a changing bag once baby is here and see if its really as good as it looks!! but I have a feeling it will !!



  1. I I have been wanting to get this bag, but havent seen many reviews about it and no local stores carry this bag in stock so I would have to order it online. Do you know the depth of the zipper pocket where the cubes go in and the depth of the main zipper area? Thank you.

  2. Hi there !! I know I found it really hard to find reviews on it aswell ! I'm glad I've helped you ! I've had my tape measure out and measured the depth and the front zipper part is 11inches and the main part is 13inches give or take . Thanks for checking out my blog and if there is anything else I can help you with or any reviews you would like me to do just let me know xx