I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone !!

I was trying to think of a title for this post but couldn't.......so I just named it I AM PREGNANT because well...I AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing this post the day after I found out I was going to have another baby! (July 24th 2016 ) baby number two, which we had only been trying for, for 5 months! This is what I cant get over the most, it took us nearly 3 years to conceive Mason and this baby only 5 months! I am forever grateful that it happened so quick, I was so worried we were going to go through all same shit we did trying to conceive Mason. 

I was 4 days late, and that was not normal for me although I thought my cycles may of been messed up as I have recently gained a bit of weight (through no fault of my own!!) and I put it down to that, but on the 4th day after getting negative tests for the past 3 days i thought i better try again. I used a internet cheapie and was expecting to see nothing as usual, but there was such a faint line starting to emerge, like i mean almost nothing there! I text Andrew to tell him but didn't want to get our hopes up as I had read on the internet that sometimes internet cheapie tests aren't very reliable. When I got to work I couldn't wait any longer and went to boots to get a clear blue test one which would tell me pregnant or not pregnant!

It said PREGNANT!!!

I'm so excited for what the future holds for us a a family, we have always said we only want two kids so this will be our family complete! I cant wait to see how Mason is with his new brother or sister, and yes I will be finding out what we are having I cant wait 9 months lol!

I have a nurse appointment next week just to confirm everything and set up an appointment with the midwife so I will be starting monthly updates like I did with my first pregnancy. I think if I have worked out my dates right I will be due around 26th February !!!

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