A complete strangers comment (why I'm glad he said it)

Today was my day off work , so naturally I thought right lets go food shopping as there is bot all in the house to eat! From waking up Mason had been a nightmare! a clingy, twisty, temper tantrum nightmare! I thought right no way am i going food shopping without him having a nap first! so i went ahead with the usual ritual of nap time....wrap out, put mason in wrap with his dummy and blanky, and usually....he's asleep within  minutes....


He was shattered I could tell but he was fighting it because it was way to early for his nap time! so I gave up put his clothes on and went out shopping. We went in Aldi first, he was ok in there because mammy came armed with a cheese string and quavers! but once we finished there it was Iceland time. 
This is where he had a full on terrible 2's tantrum in the middle of Iceland...(he's not even bloody 2 yet!)

The arms and legs started flinging around his quavers were tipped out the bag all over the floor, he tried to run back out the door, would he shite go in the "big boy trolley" I literally tried everything. Finally he decided to stop (after mammy looking like a beetroot with no makeup on sweat dripping from my forehead and bags under my eyes!) and he walked very calmly next to me holding the trolley.
YES! now i can concentrate on what I actually need to buy ! 

This lasted two aisles before he realised he was being good and he couldn't have that!!! cue the twisty tantrum toddler again! he had me running down the chip aisle after him, he was laughing his head off, I thought you little bugger! Then he threw himself on floor and refused to get up, it was at this point there was an old man walking past me with a trolley, so I said "come on mason get out of the way for the man" to which Mason replied "NAH" .....
I was so embarrassed ! I thought I needed to justify the way my child was behaving to this man so I said "eeeee he's not even two yet what's he going to be like then! I think I will leave him at home next time!"
to which the man replied
"He's just being a toddler love, at least he's not poorly or sick".......

It never really hit me till I got home and got Mason down for a much needed  nap. As he was there in my arms with his mouth open wide snoring and dribbling down my chest, I thought to myself, That man couldn't of opened my eyes enough today. He was totally right, yes Mason had been the worst I have seen him yet but he is just being a toddler testing his mammy! that's what they do ! I have to think myself so lucky that I have a healthy happy (happy most the time lol) 18 month old who can use his legs to run around, who can shout at the top of his voice in the middle of a busy shop, who can wrap his arms around mammy and give her a big cuddle when she tells him he's been naughty.......from this one comment that a total stranger said to me today I will forever have more patience with Mason, I love him more than life itself and I am so thankful that we made such a spirited little boy....and who knows maybe next time I will just join in with him lol!

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