8 Week Pregnancy update! My First Update!!

How far along?  8 weeks
Maternity clothes: Yes i have been wearing maternity clothes since week 6 lol 
Stretch marks: Bit to early yet
Sleep: Considering the last time I was pregnant at this point I couldn't keep my eyes open with exhaustion, I'm doing pretty well this time around. Even if I have a toddler waking me up at 5am !!!!
Best moment this week: Actually realising that I'm pregnant again.....its took a while to sink in lol
Miss anything? Runny eggs!!!!
Movement: obviously don't have any yet
Food cravings: Avacados (yesss im craving something healthy!) mexican food
Anything making you queasy or sick? sorry for the tmi but mason has just started pooing in his potty and normally stuff like that wouldn't bother me at all but urgh bloody hell its knocking me sick lol
Gender: Too early, but I will be finding out again this time
Labour signs: none obviously 
Symptoms: A few dizzy spells, had one episode of heart palpitations, emotional, sore boobs!!! 
Belly button in or out? In and Out.....lol
Wedding rings on or off? off but only because i never wear it lol i have a tattoo there in its place.
Happy or moody most of the time: Totally happy!
Looking forward to: Going to my first midwife this Tuesday!

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