Pregnancy Update!!

Hi Everyone!!

So its been a while...yes I know...But seriously some days I struggle to even brush my hair so writing posts for my blog isn't number one priority! lol

This pregnancy has gone so FAST!!! its totally bittersweet because although I want Baby to be here I also want to hang on to this pregnancy for as long as I can with it being my Last (*sigh*) 

I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant and I have had my Anomaly scan done and the last fetal Echo was done at the same time and I can thankfully say that there were no anomalies found and the heart scan came back perfectly fine again so I have officially been signed off from consultant care!! yeyyy!!
To think that at my screening scan I was given the odds of 1:14 chance of my baby having a chromosomal abnormalities is absolutely mind blowing, now knowing that baby doesn't have any of these! 

I'm definitely enjoying pregnancy again now, I want to put all of it behind me and savour every moment of little L being inside of me still while I can. We have decided to try Hypnobirhting this time around, I just want to try everything I can physically try before ending up with another birth like Masons! If you haven't read Masons BIRTH STORY click the link to have a peek!
Mason is still to young to properly understand that he is going to be a big brother but we are trying to say to him every day to kiss mammy's belly because there is a little baby brother in there ect ect, although judging at how far he launched the baby doll we gave him across the living room its fair to say he wont be holding Little L by himself once he comes lol!

We have decided on a name, but for now I will refer to him as either baby, peanut or Little L because we want to leave his name a surprise to those who don't know it yet.

I seem to be getting on ok with pregnancy symptoms, nothing major, I have a lot more energy this time than with Mason, heartburn has just started though!! that was a killer with Mason. I have gone through loads of milk as its the only thing that settles it !!

I dont want to make this post super long as I do aim to update you again at some point I promise lol but in the mean time here's some latest scan pictures that were from my 21 week scan.

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