Chlomid Update!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update for you on where I'm at with my Chlomid Journey. I'm writing this post on my new MacBook Pro and I'm loving it !!!! why oh why have I gone this many years with my crappy Dell XPS laptop! Once you go Mac you never go back!!!.......

Anyhooo this was my first round of Chlomid on 50mg, side affects included fatigue, cravings (for steak & ale pies with mash and gravy!) nauseous, cramps, back aches, and towards the end of my cycle sore boobs, VERY emotional and major cramping ! not that many side affects then lol

With these side affects very near the end of my cycle when I was due to soon come on my period, I stupidly went and mistaken them as early pregnancy signs! We all do it ! no matter how hard we try to put it to the back of our minds !
What made it even more like early pregnancy signs for me was that I was a day late! A few months ago my cycles were normal 28 day cycles then they started to get shorter and shorter till eventually they settles on 26 days. This cycle was 27 days so I was a day late. I'm thinking now it could be the chlomid messing my cycle around a bit ? 

The good news is I suppose (the only good news I have for you) that my day 21 Blood test came back positive that OVULATION DID OCCUR ! I knew it would anyway because I know I ovulate on my own anyway! 

So it looks like we are in for yet another month of "trying". Its getting old news now I want to be able to write on my blog "no more trying" but I suppose until then I will just have to keep myself busy! to learn how to use this MacBook!!!

Ainsleigh x

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