Chlomid update !

Hi everyone ! 

So today is CD11, I stopped taking Chlomid 5 days ago and I'm starting to feel a little better . I wouldn't say I had really bad side affects from them but what I did notice was I got some got flashes at night (but they Weren't unbearable) and a couple of the nights I just couldn't get to sleep at all. Also two days out of the 5 I felt really sick and literally nearly fell asleep at my desk at work . 
So some of you might say that's quite bad side affects from one little tablet lol but to be honest I was expecting a lot worse ! So I was pleasantly surprised ! 
I am trying to stay as positive as I can that this first round is going work but when you have been trying for 2 years you kinda build up this "nothing else has worked so why should this " attitude, so in trying my hardest to stay positive but I'm still thinking maybe don't get my hopes u too much !

Well sorry this has been a short post ! but I just wanted to update you all on the Chlomid situation, I will post another update after I have been for my day 21 bloods. 

Ainsleigh xx

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