Final DietBet Update!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Well today was the final weigh in for Shaylee's DietBet and I can proudly say that "I WON!!!"

So this morning I had to weigh in for the final time for DietBet, and it got off to a great start!  I only needed to reach 129.4lbs and I was 128.8lbs ! So I took the first picture with my phone ( A full length picture in the reflection of a mirror while standing on the scale) then I got off to write out the special password on a bit of paper (this is used to verify that the picture has actually been taking today and you are not trying to "fiddle" the system). So when I got off the scale Andrew thought he would weigh himself ......Well I got back on the scale to take the other verifying picture of the weight showing on the scale and......I was 2ounces heavier!

I don't know what Andrew done to the scale

s but I was freaking out !! There was noooo way that I was failing this after 4 weeks of trying my hardest to loose the weight ! so I turned it on, turned it off, turned it back on again changed the settings, made sure it was on even flooring ....I even dropped and done 30 sit-ups in the hope that I lose 2ounces ! lol But I ended up leaving it alone for 10 minutes and went back to it and wella! I weighed 129.00lbs ! (not the same as the first weigh in but still enough to win the competition!) So I was happy! I had done it ! 4 weeks of eating healthy, watching what I was eating, exercising and compromising I had got to my Goal weight and I'm now waiting for my £17 ( plus what gets shared out between us all if there are any losers!) to get paid back into my bank for being a Winner!

And you maybe asking "So Ainsleigh how do plan to celebrate this wonderful achievement?" and I would answer "With a Chinese takeaway and a big bar of chocolate!"   

Final Weigh In Pictures

Ainsleigh xx

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