We've got RATS!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

Yes you certainly did hear me correctly ......WE HAVE RATS!!

Two of them actually, and we LOVE them!

So cut long story short Mason was wanting a pet. After re homing our loving little Jack Russel Loki, well lets be truthful... because of Mason, I was very reluctant at first to even consider a bloody goldfish! but as time went on I was actually getting sad that we didn't have some kind of animal in the house as I LOVE animals, so the search began....

We looked at rabbits, but I did have a rabbit when I was little and it bit me a few times and also i wanted something a bit littler. We considered a guinea pig, a hamster, a chinchilla and one point even a lizard ! but after a lot of research on what would be best for two young children (and mam and dad!) and also going to visit our friend who had two rats, we decided on two little baby ratties.

We want mason to learn how to be responsible and help feed clean and cuddle the rats so it was only natural to let him name them too.......


DOBBY FASTER (tan and white) 
 PIGEON TODIE (russian blue)

(thank god I aint going to be shouting for them to come back after playing fetch in the park, with those names lol!!!)

Rats are incredibly intelligent animals and can be litter trained just like a cat or dog. They very rarely bite unlike hamsters and rabbits. They a clean themselves more than a cat does, and they are very sociable. They love coming out the cage for cuddles and will just hang out on your shoulder. Ours are only babies at the minute but will double in size in the next few weeks. Rats usually live around 2-2 1/2 years. 

Overall they are brilliant small pets, and I urge you to consider them if you are wanting a small animal as a pet. If you have any questions about them I would be happy to try and answer them for you.

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