An Overwhelming Feeling Of Thankfulness !!

Hi Everyone!!

I wanted to write this post, mainly because I know there will be a lot of other people that have had this same feeling after battling infertility and then finally becoming pregnant !

When I think back over the 2 1/2 years we tried to conceive all I can remember is been miserable, heartbroken, in pain, confused and just longing to be a mam!! Fair enough I had good days as well where It didn't make me as down and depressed as usual, and I tried to take as much advise off people as I could but it seemed like the only piece of advise I was getting was "If you stop thinking about it and just relax, it will happen!" (If you have been trying for a baby you will know this phrase all to well!) and as much as people are just trying to be nice and give you some comfort doesn't !. I tried to do this a couple of times, just "Forget about it" but its impossible to forget about the one thing you would give anything for! and relaxing is just another matter completely! You can't relax when your constantly checking your Basal Body Temperature, checking when your ovulating ect ect !!

Now I'm pregnant, especially this week for some reason (maybe because the baby has properly started kicking me now and it feels so much more real!) I have had an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness!!. Obviously I was as thankful as can be when I found out I was pregnant but this week I can't stop thinking about all the pain and heartbreak we went through to get to this point and how lucky I feel now to finally be pregnant ! I honestly feel like I should be thanking someone but it all happened naturally. I suppose I should be thanking Mother Nature this time instead of a team of Fertility doctors which I thought I would be thanking !

The one main thing I wanted to get across though, is if you are still going through infertility and just can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, please DON'T GIVE UP! It DOES happen whether it be through assisted conception, naturally, adoption or surrogacy, you will end up with your child that you have been longing for!! 


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