20 Weeks Pregnancy Update!!

How far along?  20 weeks!!! HALF WAY THERE!!
Maternity clothes: No new clothes although like I said last week I'm desperate for some more jeans or trousers of some sort that won't cut the blood circulation off to my belly !!!
Stretch marks: none!
Sleep: I have been a little more tired this week but i think it could have something to do with the heat its taking it out of me!
Best moment this week: When my mam told me that her and my dad are going to get the perm for me! i started to cry!!! lol its such a huge thing for me that my mam is buying me the pram because ...well for one thing its quite expensive lol and another thing its one less thing to worry about and we can spend the money on something else for baby! Also this week Andrews mam bought us the baby bath and top 'n' tail bowl which was another thing I can tick of the list ! Another thing I got this week was a baby carrier called the "SnugiWrap". Its a stretchy fabric baby wrap that is great for carrying your baby around without having to put a big bulky thing on you. Its also great for if your wanting to breast feed because it allows you to comfortably keep your baby close to your chest which is good for your milk flow. I will be doing a separate review on the SnugiWrap after I have a go with baby in it ! Oh almost forgot another good moment this week was our trip to Mothercare for the Expectant Parent event. This was great because we got 10% off anything we purchased on the night and we also got a goody bag! We decided to get the Philips Avent Complete Natural Starter Set because it had so much stuff in it and also came with a breast pump which I was wanting, and best of all it was reduced from £150 to £75!!! we also got the contoured changing mat to go onto of his dresser drawers and we got the cutest little outfit ever!!!
Miss anything? Being able to put my shoes on without having to come up for breath!
Movement:  Loads more movement again this week! I actually seen him kick this time! my belly went up and down really fast it was so weird!
Food cravings: Still coffee 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!! 
 Gender: A Little Man!!!!
Labour signs: None
Symptoms: Still a lot of back Pain, and my leg and feet have started to ache!
Belly button in or out? Its definitely on it way out lol 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy but I have been a little snappy this week! 
Looking forward to: Going with my best friend next week for her final wedding dress fitting!!!! I have a feeling I'l be an emotional wreck lol!

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