21 Week Pregnancy Update!!

How far along?  21 weeks!
Maternity clothes: Well I have actually gone back to wearing my favourite Next jeans that aren't maternity ...I just stuck a hair bobble through the button hole side and attach the button to the band ! and wella home made maternity jeans!!
Stretch marks: none!
Sleep: At the start of the week I found it really hard to get comfortable because of my sciatica playing up, every position was uncomfortable so I didn't get much sleep, but its easing off a little now so I'm getting better ...much needed sleep!
Best moment this week: I plucked up my courage to go swimming by myself this week! it was lovely I'm so glad i did it! I'm going to try and go at least once a week for the exercise. Another really exciting thing I did this week was go with my best friend for her final wedding dress fitting! she looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and it brought back so many memories of my dress fittings and getting all sorted for my wedding which was almost 3 years ago!!!! whaaaat where did that time go!? Her wedding is next month and I'm so excited to see her get married she deserves all the happiness in the world!!! Oh and we managed to get all the painting finished this weekend so were getting there with decorating finally!....I despise decorating especially at nearly 6 month pregnant !!
Miss anything? I miss not walking like a duck!
Movement:  Every week he seems to be moving more and more and I'm loving it! every little movement I treasure! Andrew managed to get glimpse of my tummy going up and down yesterday and the look on his face was priceless! 
Food cravings: erm.....still coffee!!!!!???? whats with that? I'm not really a coffee drinker but I have to have one every morning now!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!! 
 Gender: A Little Man!!!!
Labour signs: None
Symptoms: My belly has gone rock hard! its so weird to feel it now its like I have a concrete boulder under my top! My back has been playing up a lot this week as well.
Belly button in or out? Still on its way out its just a matter of time before it goes pop!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!
Looking forward to: My two weeks off work in a couple of weeks time! we have lots planned and its also our 10 years of being together anniversary as well!!! 10 YEARS!!!!

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