Edens Song

Hi Everyone!

You know when you get a song stuck in your head and it won't budge for days? When you want to listen to it constantly and know all the lyrics? and sometimes even shed a tear whenever you listen to it?  ........Well I had this happen to me a few times with a few different songs like our wedding song for instance ( Bon Jovi- Always!!!) and more recently a song that one of my YouTube favourites wrote with her husband for their daughter Eden. 

I have been following Shaylee from Shayleeandbaby and ShayleeDaily for a while now, intact she was the one that really got me into the YouTube word and gave me the confidence to start my own channel (which I don't post many videos on at all anymore as I like to concentrate more on my blog.....and I'm still a little camera shy lol). I came across her channel one day when I was doing the old TTC thing of looking at baby stuff when you don't even have a baby yet!! and I came across her video titled 22 weeks pregnant , then I was hooked !
Her videos are so fun, she has such a bubbly personality, and her daughter is the cutest thing ever! I'm not going to go on and on about her because I want you all to to visit her channels and go check her out for yourselves...here's her 2013 highlights video!

So anyway getting back to the point of this whole post !!! Shaylee and her husband David are musicians and they wrote a song called "Edens Song" for their baby girl, they are currently in the process of trying get this song professionally produced with a music video and available to buy on iTunes !!! BUT they need our help! Its quite expensive for all this to happen so they have set up a Kickstarter account in order to try and get help funding the project. 
You probably thinking well why give them money I don't them or anything? well for one thing watch a few videos and you will soon get to know them and come to love them ! and another thing wouldn't you like to think that if you had this dream for your baby, to one day be able to say their mammy and daddy recorded a song and you can actually buy it on iTunes! that people would help you out ?? 
Check out this video for more info straight from Shaylee and David themselves... 

click on the link for their KICKSTARTER account, and please if its only $2 please donate to them and let their dream become a reality!!!!


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