Get Fit With Me!!

Hi Everyone ! 

So I explained in my last post that I'm starting a fitness/ weight loss/ clean eating style series on my blog, and tomorrow is Day Numero Uno !!! 

I have decided for this weekly series I will be posting every Sunday afternoon/night (GMT) that way I will have a whole weeks worth of meal diaries, fitness schedules and end of week weigh In's!! Now I must let you know, I will not be weighing in on the scales, It will be through pictures and dropping dress sizes/ inches lost. When ever I try to loose weight on the scales and I'm working out at the same time I never see the numbers going down maybe just the fat turning to muscle or something?
 So the way I know I'm loosing the weight is through the way my clothes are fitting me and also before and after pictures (I won't post pictures every week because there isn't going to be that much difference In the space of a week! maybe every 2 weeks I will post them)

Obviously today is the first day meaning its the first Sunday of "Get Fit With Me!!" ......also meaning I am having my last feast tonight of takeout, chocolates and wine, just getting it out my system ready for a cleaner healthier lifestyle starting tomorrow!

I have already prepped my whole weeks worth of work lunches today so I don't have to think about them during the week leaving me more time for other things such as going to the gym, walking the dog (for longer), and preparing a healthier supper! 
This is what mine and my husbands lunches look like for my first week of
"Get Fit With Me"

Well people I'm off now (to eat my takeout and drink my wine!) but I will leave you with some inspirational Pictures to help you start your own healthy 



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