Exciting things to come !

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post to let you all know all the exciting stuff I have planned for my blog! 

I will be starting a fitness/healthy eating/weightloss series on my blog where every week I will post what I have ate for the week how much weight I have lost and what exercise I have done in the week. I'm hoping this will motivate me to finally loose the weight I have been struggling to shift since before Christmas ! And also give you all ideas and inspiration for your own weight loss and healthy lifestyle turn around !! I'm not entirely sure when I will be starting this but hopefully sometime soon so watch this space !!!!

Another exciting thing I have lined up is a 2 day diary of our next holiday, which is going to be in a cute little log cabin in Northumberland England. I will be documenting what we have done that day where we went ect, and we are also taking our jack russell Loki with us so it will be a very dog friendly holiday so I thought it would be fun to document his little holiday too lol ! That way any of you that have dogs will know where to go if you ever visit Northumberland ! 

Hope you all enjoy the exciting things to come !!! 

Toddle-pip !


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