Feeling positive, OPK's and more !

Hello again !

So I thought I would make this post mainly about how positive I have started feeling recently (which doesn't happen often!) .

I started feeling like this about three weeks ago when we both decided we were going to give the SMEP a go .
For the people who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, SMEP is short for Sperm Meets Egg Plan and basically its a plan that was originally developed by Deanna Roy after she'd had a miscarriage. A lot of women use this plan whether they have had a miscarriage or they are just finding it difficult to conceive!

So how does it all work ???

The plan is you start to BD (babydance) on CD8 and BD every other day, then on CD10 you take an OPK. You keep testing with your OPK's until you get a positive, then once you have that positive you BD that night and the two following nights after. THEN..... Have a rest night lol then the next night BD one more time ! 
I know it sounds VERY tiring and regimented but all its doing really is maximising your chances of conceiving because you are timing intercourse around ovulation. Here's a link to a good website that has all the details if anyone is interested and wants to read more into it: http://spermmeetseggplan.com/

Another thing while I'm on talking about the plan, OPK'S (ovulation predictor kits) are quite important in this plan as they tell you when they detect the LH (Luteinizing hormone) in your urine. This hormone is usually detected when your having a surge which typically means your about to ovulate. I purchased mine off Ebay as they are cheap (£4.69 for I think 30, plus I got 3 pregnancy tests aswell in that price) and you can buy in bulk as you will probably need around 10 sticks per cycle.
But I do have a question for anyone out there who has used Internet cheapies before ......how would I interpret this result ?

When I took this OPK test the control line came up right away as usual but then the test line (the very very faint line to the left of the dark line) was a lot darker at first then after like 30 seconds it went like this ....almost disappeared!? 

I really want to get used to using these OPK's as they are a lot cheaper to buy then using my Clearblue fertility monitor (the sticks for that are very expensive ...BUT it does pin point exactly when your most fertile days are and tells you when your ovulating. So if anyone has been in the same situation please comment below so I know I'm not doing anything wrong !

 Well I suppose that is all for now , apart from I have to say an official BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Clare who is pregnant ! I'm so so happy for her, if anyone deserves a little miracle in their life Clare does! I cant wait to come and meet baby when he/she arrives and have some cuddles!!! (I think its a girl btw!) Its going to be so exciting watching her go through her journey from pregnant.....to yummy mummy!!



  1. Hi Ainsleigh!
    Jody from Six Little Hearts checking in! Love how the blog looks!
    Have you heard of the Billings Ovulation Method? There's a book called The Billings Method. It is sensational for avoiding and achieving conception. Entirely natural too! We used it to conceive our 6 and avoid all the others! Highly recommend! IVF is based on much of the science of the Billings Method so worth a look.

  2. Hi jody !
    Ah thank you ! I'm still new to blogging but I love it ! I haven't heard of that before but I'm going to check it out tonight when I get home from work , il try anything at this point ! I always only wanted two kids but after going through this journey and knowing how much of a miracle it is to have a child I would love to have a big family like yours !