Bon Jovi concert review and pic

Well what can I say other than .......WOW!!!!!

Last night's Bon Jovi concert at The Stadium Of Light was by far the best live performance I have ever seen!
You could sit back and close your eyes and it sounded like you were listening to his cd , I really couldn't fault anything !

The stage set up was like nothing iv ever seen! They had the front from a classic car (not sure exactly what car, I will insert pictures ) and the big screens were either side and above so that everyone could see.
I was so worried when it was getting towards the end of the show and he hadnt sung 'Always' yet , this song means the world to me as it was our first dance song at our wedding ! but they played it ! their very last song was always !

There really isn't much more I can say I think the videos say it all! Check out and subscribe to my youtube channel where all the videos will be !


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