A Bit of Everything!

So I have a day off work today and the Bon Jovi concert later tonight resulting in one happy woman today!!
I got up at 6am this morning with my husband to see him off to work (aren't I a good wife!) and to take Loki (our dog) for a long walk, so if this post is all over the place its because 1) I'm tired 2) I'm bored as hell watching day time tv so I thought id write on my blog instead!

Like I say I have no real agenda for this post so I'm just going to write and see what I end up with!
One thing I have to tell you though, I decided to ring my Fertility doctor up the other day and try to get my August appointment re-scheduled to a sooner date (mainly because I'm sick to death of all the waiting around just to know he's putting me on Chlomid anyway!). The response I got was what I thought it would be , "I'm sorry I cant do that because we have guidelines we have to sick to and also I gave you this 6 month to try and get pregnant naturally after your surgery!"
Grrrrrrr I'm sure 1 month 1/2 isn't going to make any difference !! but anyway I'm over that now (after being angry for a good 24 hours!) I just have to think positive and remember that its not that long away and in the meantime I can just enjoy myself before my life starts to get regimented again with fertility monitors and temp charts!

I'm so curious to know why he wants to put me onto Chlomid though? because what I have read up on it online, a lot of women are put on it because their cycles are irregular or they don't ovulate. I have neither of these, I just have unexplained infertility ?
If any one has been in the same sort of situation I would love to hear from you and also if any of you have any Chlomid success stories for me?!! I'm hoping and praying that I'm going to strike lucky after all this waiting and get pregnant on the first cycle of Chlomid! 

I found a really good website yesterday that answered a few questions I had, and also gives you great advice if your TTC. Its called NETMUMS and there is lots of advice for you through out your pregnancy and also when you become a new mother! The website also has a support and chat forum where you and other parents to be / parents can give help and advice to each other.

Well lets hope this horrible rain dies off before the concert tonight or I'm going to look like a drowned rat!! I'm taking my lovely new shiny camera with me to see if I can get some really good pictures, which I will share with you on my next post! But in the meantime I have to share this picture with you that I took of Loki our dog last night, it makes me laugh every time I look at it !!!

Loki the HAPPY Jack Russell!!

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