Quick Week 1 diet check in!

Well its the end of week 1 on the slimming world diet and its been going .....ok....I suppose ! 

My first weigh in was last Tuesday and I'm happy to say I lost 1lb !  I know its not much but its a start !

I'm not going to lie though its been hard! It was Andrews birthday on Saturday and obviously there was cake ! and he was determined that we were ordering a Chinese takeaway ! so I asked for the healthiest thing on the menu which was chicken and bean sprouts with a tiny bit of egg fried rice. I wish I had never ordered anything it was disgusting ! bland and watery compared to by beloved prawn curry !
Tonight we had a table booked at an Italian restaurant and it was lovely ! but it was a set menu (£29.90 Per couple that included three courses and a bottle of wine!) So I tried my best to stick to the healthy options but it didn't go too well.

Starter - I had mini tomato and mozzarella Bruschetta 
Main- This was 8oz rib eye steak with mushroom sauce and I opted for veg! (but the chips looked and smelt gorgeous!)
Dessert- As you can imagine there was no healthy option for desert so I just got the chocolate fudge Sundae lol! AND IT WAS WORTH IT!!
Drink- Then there was the bottle of wine.....well two glasses since Andrew decided he likes wine now!

So all in all it wasn't healthy as such but it wasn't really bad either so hopefully this Tuesday I wont have put that 1lb back on!!

Sorry its a quick update, just writing while I have a few spare minutes as I'am trying to sort out our transport to see Bon Jovi on Thursday!!! I LOVE BON JOVI!!!! cant wait to see them live. If I manage to get some good pictures I will share them all with you on here and do a sort of 'Mini Review' of the concert!

See ya!


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