Weight loss check in! #2 And saving money !!

Well it's been a few weeks since I last checked in so here's a quick update........

I just got back from my slimming world class and I lost 11/2 lbs this week ! Which is great for me because last week I managed to put on 1lb ! I started at 9 stone 8lb and I'm currently 9 stone 6lb so i still have a bit to go but at least its coming off !! I think a lot of my success this week has come from the heat we have had and putting me off food. Another thing I think has helped would be at the end of last week me and Andrew decided we were going to try and save up as much as we could and that meant   tightening our budget for weekly expenses. 

The big and main cut back we made was on our weekly shop. We sat down on Friday night (this is now becoming a routine) and planned our entire week of meals ......very tedious but well worth it because we saved £30 on our weekly groceries and even better Andrew picked all the meals out of my slimming world recipe book, so I had no excuses to deviate from my diet ! Another big change we have made is Loki's food (for those of you who don't know who Loki is ....he's my little jack russell dog with a BIG personality !). I never wanted to change his food at first because I thought the one he was on was what he needed as it was the make he was used to since going onto puppy food (Royal Canin) and because it was expensive I thought it was the best for him. He stopped eating it though and I was getting worried because he was starting to look really skinny so I took him to the vets, turns out he has a condition where the acid in his stomach is too much for him and it was burning his stomach ( which explains why he was eating lots of grass to make himself sick to bring it all up, and also why he was trumping more than Andrew does lol) so I found an article bout how you should change your dogs food once in a while , because let's face it you wouldn't like to eat the same thing for a year would u ?
My colleague happen to be talking about her dogs new food and mentioned how much she paid for it and my ears pricked ....it's called Trustys and for a 15kg bag it's cost £22 , the Royal Canin food I was buying Loki was a 3kg bag and it was £17!!!! I couldn't believe I was paying that much for dog food !!
So I have tried Loki on his new food and he has been eating non stop he loves it !!! If you have a dog and your thinking of changing their food check out Trusty's website:

There is a few other things I'm planning on doing to save money but I think I'm going to do a separate post on that so I won't go into anymore detail. 


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