DietBet weight loss challenge !

Hi everyone ,

I just wanted to make this real quick post about a challenge I have signed up for through DietBet !

Shaylee from Shayleeandbaby posted an invite on facebook to join her DietBet weight loss challenge game so I looked into it a bit and thought you know what this is maybe what I need to really kick start my weight loss ! ( by the way I was weighed tonight at slimming world and I had gained a pound since last week!)
After looking into it more I learned that it actually is like a game because you bet (put $25 or the same in £'s which was around £17 in an online pot ) and whoever loses 4% f their body weight in 4 weeks wins whats in the pot! or the pot is split if there is more than 1 winner !

Shaylee's game starts on August 1st so check it out !!!

See if you can win the pot of money !!

Ainz ♡♥♡

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