Poorly Dog, Holidays and Visiting friends!!!!

Hi everyone!

Well I have had an eventful day! So Loki had an appointment this morning for his 1 year booster injections and he was totally fine with it didn't yelp or cry or try and jump of the table like he did the first time around when he was a puppy!
It was just in and out and done with , so when I got home I got my shorts and T-shirt on and me and Andrew decided we were going to take him for a lovely long walk down to the stream in my village. We took his favourite ball with us and off we went!

We got to the stream and I purposely chucked the ball in so Loki would jump in after it (Andrew hasn't seen him swim yet so I wanted to show him) and Loki just stood there looking at me as if to say "If you think I'm going in there woman you have another coming !" but after about 10 minutes of me saying "go on then go and get your ball!" I think he realised he had no other choice but to launch himself in after it lol! 
.......So my point had been proved and we made our way back up the hill to walk into the Moors. Now this ball he has is one of them ones that fit into like a long plastic ball launcher device .....I'm not the best at throwing anything in a straight direction and I managed to throw it right in to all the high foliage/grass/nettles and all sorts! Then Loki being the determined little Jack Russell he is went straight in after it trying to find it (we thought there would be no chance of him finding it!) and out of nowhere he jumps out the bushes with the little pink tennis ball in his mouth haha!

We thought nothing of it at this point and we were quite proud of our little hunting dog finding his beloved tennis ball, then about 10 minutes later I happen to take a glance at him and I literally had to do a double take ..........he looked like he had just been through 15 rounds with Mike Tyson!!!!
I was like "Andrew what the hell has happened to Loki's face!?"
We were worried straight away (I worry about everything lol) It was obvious it was some sort of allergic reaction to something, and straight away I said "He's been stung by either a bee or a wasp!" his eyes were like slits and his nose and mouth were all swollen. So me being the worrier that I am I phoned the vets straight away and they told me to bring him down as soon as I could, so we walked as fast as we could back home, jumped in the car and took him to the vets.

The vet said I was right it looked like a sting off either a wasp or a bee but he couldn't find the stinger anywhere on him. Poor Loki had to have the second injection of the day for him , a steroid injection to bring down all the swelling and stop it from spreading. The treatment cost me £30 but I don't care about the money I was more bothered about Loki and if the swelling was to get worse it could of blocked his airways and then I wouldn't of had a clue what to do! 
I took this right after I noticed it! poor Loki!

What He usually looks like!

He is OK now, the steroid injection has brought the swelling down a lot, he is just laying around at the minute feeling sorry for himself lol, but I think I might bring his cage upstairs tonight in our room just in case lol! 

Getting that out the way I can now tell you I'M ON MY HOLIDAYS FOR 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!!! yeyy!!!!

I have been looking forward to these 2 weeks off in a while! we have planned to go the Lake District at the end of this week for two nights and stay in a camping pod (just like camping in a tent but in a wood hut instead!) and were taking Loki (He has been warned not to pick fights with any wasps !) so that should be a fun experience! I will tell you all about it when I get home, and hopefully have some good pictures !! 
We will be staying in one of these pods!

Then the day after we get back from camping, I'm off to see my good friend Clare (the one I mentioned in one of my posts who is pregnant). She lives in Rugby,which I've never been to before so I'm really excited to go down and stay with her for a couple of nights! so yeah, I have quite a bit planned for my 2 weeks off, I just hope they don't fly over like they usually do! 

Oh and before I go I have one more amazing thing to tell you!!!!!! (no not pregnant yet......I wish!) Andrew got his Permanent contract as Nissan UK Sunderland Plant on Thursday so we are soooooo happy and pleased !(It only took them nearly 3 years!!) we finally have the security we have been needing with us now paying a mortgage every month! Everything seems to be looking up for us I just hope the next big bit of news I give you all is that I'm pregnant!! Fingers and Toes and anything else that crosses crossed for me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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