DietBet check in and Holiday thumbs down!

Hi everyone !
Sorry its been a while since my last post but hadn't had a minute to myself!
So it hasn't quite been a week since i weighed in for Shaylee's DietBet but I thought I would give you all an update and also take a peek at my starting weight pictures ! (Hate them but its what motivates me to get skinny!)
On Tuesday I was at my lovely friend Clares house and I had to do my first weigh in, which I thought would be a breeze ! BUT I really should of read the instructions before hand because I took them as they said, on the scale with the word of the day on a bit of paper next to it . Then the other picture just a full head to toe picture of myself with the word of the day ......but silly me didn't take this picture standing on the scale like the instructions told me to ! soooo I had to do it all again and submit it all again !!
After all that drama I got an email saying that my weight was verified and I have 4 weeks to loose 4% of my body weight, which worked out 5.4lbs !!!
That's not to bad I feel confident that I will be able to loose it if I keep motivated and inspired (for those of you struggling to keep motivated just type "thinspiration" into pinterest! works for me !). So I will keep you updated on my progress and fingers crossed I manage to at least win my money back !!
.....Right I'm not even going to waste much typing time talking about our camping trip because it was so bad ! Hats of to all of you who have the patience to camp ! because I sure don't !
Soooo, the day started fine we got in the car drove there without a sat nav, Loki behaved himself in his cage in the boot ( without the parcel shelf on for all you animal rights people who might think I'm cruel to my dog lol) and the sun was beaming down !
We got to the campsite, couldn't fault a thing ! there were only two pods ours and next doors (who didn't turn up till about 10pm ) so we pretty much had the pod area to ourselves !
Ok so this is pretty much our holiday in a nutshell :
unpacked, went into town, had fish and chips, parked up alongside a really pretty lake, was totally amazed to see my Jack Russell actually swimming in the lake and having a great time chasing the ducks! went back to the pod ,made a sausage sandwich for tea (which took ages to cook the sausages), took loki for a walk to a near by pub, had ourselves an alcoholic beverage, walked back to pod, sat and played monopoly while drinking desperados , didn't even get passed "GO" and did not collect my 200 monopoly money, was a bit drunk, time for bed, lights out and sleep..........for Loki !!!
We literally (well me, I did hear andrew snore at one point ) didn't sleep a wink all night ! I was desperate for the loo but no loo in a pod and it was pitch black outside i wasn't going out there by myself !
So as the hours where passing and my bladder was most probably bursting all I could think about was "hurry up and get light enough for me to get up and go to the loo!"
It got 5am and I whispered "Andrew are u up ?"
To which he replied "yeah have been for ages" To which I replied .......
" Are we **** spending another night in this shed !"
Andrew agreed and to that we packed everything up and left (not without explaining to the owner why we were leaving a day early and saying it was nothing to do with campsite, we just discovered were not camping people!) So we lost £30 but you know what I didn't care one bit as I sat that night in front of my TV, with my husband and dog, and dug into a Chinese takeaway !! ♡
On a much lighter note my visit to Rugby to see my friend Clare was totally different ! I had an amazing time ! her house was lovely, we had some lovely meals, lots of laughs !, shopping in Birmingham, oh and the best bit of all I have made a new life long friend called danny (her greyhound rescue dog) he took a liking to me and decided to keep me company on a night and lay next to my bed on a night lol
Well I have probably rambled on way to much so I'm going now ! make sure you check in for more DietBet updates !

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