Self Care is NOT being Selfish!!!

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                                         Hi everyone!!

Another day another nap time from the youngest child so another new post for you all.

Self-care...its one of those touchy subjects! ...unfortunately....

It really shouldn't be though. I cant stress enough how important it is to have a self care routine in your life. That goes for men, women, young and old! The day to day stresses we have in life in this modern day and age, for example work, promotions, KIDS! lol, anxiety, depression the list goes on, can take a major impact on our mental and physical health. If we don't stop for a few minutes (or hours depending on how many children you have and at what age they are lol) you will end up burnt out and in a mentally dark place ! Its happened to me, I have been there....

Before i started to make self care an every day routine that I did religiously (like my morning cuppa) I would feel like I was about to just crack up, I felt like i didn't have any time at all to myself. Everything I did involved my kids, yes even going to the toilet (Lucas will not leave my side some days and wont even be put down without screaming). I knew things had to change for the sake of my mental health as I had just been diagnosed with PND (post natal depression) and had been prescribed Sertraline (anxiety and depression medication). I was reluctant to take the tablets at first because of the Stigma that associates being medicated for mental health problems....but I soon realised that it was just that....A STIGMA! 
The tablets I have been taking now for a little over 6 month play a big part in my self care routine because without them I know I would slip back into the mess I was before, I know this because a few month ago I tried to wean myself off them....within a matter of days I could feel myself becoming increasingly agitated, emotional , like I couldn't cope with little things. My medication is now number 1 on my list of Self Care.

Other things I have been doing recently to help is Yoga. I used to think I would never have time for anything like that having two kids under 4 and one who clings to me like the floor was hot lava! but I was wrong , because I never opened myself up to try it. Yes OK sometimes my downward dog pose consists of a three year old on my back pretending I'm a bucking bronco and a snotty one year old trying to dribble in my mouth ....but hey that's what kids do right!?
Yoga helps to clear the mind because you are solely concentrating on your body and your breathing (or in my case not crushing your said 1 year old) Its definitely worth grabbing a yoga mat and giving it a go I only do 10 minutes a day if that but I already feel better for it!

Reading ......reading books about anxiety and depression has seriously helped me to understand my condition a lot better, plus you get the relaxation of reading a book. I would highly recommend The Anxiety Solution: A quieter mind , A calmer you by Chloe Brotheridge and The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**K by Sarah Night. 

There is so many ways to add self care into your every day routine , If you have any ideas or different ways you unwind let me know!!

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