It's been a While!!!

Hi Everyone........I'ts been a while...hasn't it!

Well here's the thing, two little boys, life, saying goodbye to our dog Loki, work,starting up my own business, personal issues, a hospital stay for the hubby, and everything else that goes along with trying to be a good parent has majorly stepped in my way of pulling my laptop out and blogging!

Only now am I starting to feel like I have some spare time again to do what I love doing, Writing !

Without going into too much detail (I will save it all for another post) I was diagnosed with post natal depression a few months ago and I'm currently taking 50mg of Sertraline daily to help me. Along with other lifestyle changes I feel like a different person to what I did 6 months ago. I think , although it was post natal depression I was diagnosed with , I have been battling anxiety and depression for a long time I just didn't know it because I didn't know the symptoms or what to look out for.

So anyhooooo like I said another post about all that crap coming soon lol......

While I have been away I have had a toddler turn 3 and start Nursery! and a baby (who I still want to be a tiny newborn again) turn 1!!!! I feel sad and happy at the same time , I don't want my boys to grow up!

I have decided that I'm going to start blogging again because I looked back on my birth story of baby number 2 (click here to read it!) the other day and realised something...
 I LOVE REMINISCING having this blog helps me do that and one day my boys might read it! 

I will mainly blog about life, parenting, travel, adventure, tips + tricks, travelling with kids, food, mental + physical health, Yoga, positive outlook,  probably a bunch of other shit aswell, so yeah a LOT of stuff haha

If anyone has anything they would like me to write about get in touch I love connecting with people ! email me.......
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      Toodles for now!!

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