Pregnancy update !!

Hi Everyone!!

OK, firsts things first I have to apologise for my lack of posts! A few reasons contributing to this.....Number 1: I have been so tired and lazy recently! Number 2: We have had our good fair share of ups and downs with this pregnancy! And Number 3: I lost the charger to my yeah even If I wanted to be productive and write loads of posts I wouldn't of been able to anyway!

So getting back to this post, I think my blog is well overdue a pregnancy update and believe me there has been a lot going on since the last one so it was the first thing I thought of doing after finding the charger!!

Well after looking back at the last time I updated you all (which was the 4D scan in November!!!!!!) This is what has happened since then...............

I went for my normal routine community midwife appointment at 34 weeks and it was a different lady as my usual midwife was on holiday, she also had a trainee in with her. She took my urine sample and tested it like the routinely do, and apparently it came out with a result of 3......don't have a clue what that meant apart from she told me that they would send it away to the Labs to be tested for an infection.....Great...
Next was blood pressure which was spot on it always is I have never suffered with high blood pressure it always been low blood pressure I have suffered with, then it was the belly measurement or Fundal Height Measurement to call it by its proper name. The trainee had a go first, she was fumbling around a bit then found the top of my uterus and tip of my pubic bone, her measurement came out at 36cm......bearing in mind that the way Fundal Height Measurements work is that you should measure in cm how far along in gestation you are so I should of been measuring 34cm. The other midwife said she would have a go then its two peoples opinions, again she got 34cm! they tried again this time asking if I could pull my trousers down slightly to make sure they weren't getting any material in with the measurement.....still 34cm so they decided to ring up the hospital (Durham hospital because they didn't know if my normal midwife had sent of the information off to the RVI Newcastle yet where I was transferring my care to) they got me a growth scan booked for the Wednesday to see why I was measuring 2 weeks ahead of my dates.   

I had to ring the GP surgery on the Monday to see the results of the urine test that was sent away, they didn't have it yet so I was told to ring the next day. The next day I had to wait till the afternoon to get the results, thankfully they were negative for any infection, which I cant understand to be honest because the day after I actually had all the symptoms of Thrush....sorry TMI but anyone that has been pregnant and had it before you know what I mean !!!
Wednesday came around fast thankfully, I took my mam to the scan with me as Andrew was at work, she did all measurements and technical things she had to do to get the figures to put into the computer that tells them the estimated weight of baby at that time.....she said well actually baby isn't measuring 2 weeks ahead by my calculations he is actually quite small for gestation !!! quite small meaning he was estimated at only 4lb 13oz and under the 10th percentile line on the chart!......a few things were going through my  mind at this point , one of the main things was, how on earth can i be measuring 2 weeks ahead at one appointment and a few days later be measuring 2 weeks behind!!?????

The sonographer then went on to tell me that she would have to contact the RVI hospital for me to book in another growth scan for two weeks time and if he hadn't gown any they would normally want to induce labour at around 37 weeks!
Well I was gobsmacked ! I did not want to be induced no way!! I had loads of questions like , well if hes just small why not leave him in there there to grow more instead of him being outside of me? why is he small? is it something I have done? does it have anything to do with what we went through a the beginning of the pregnancy? my head was just full of questions. One thing I did know for certain though was if I had to be induced there wouldn't be a chance of me giving birth in tne midwifery led birthing centre within the RVI hospital where I had booked to. I would be under consultant care on the maternity ward, no water birth, Andrew wouldn't be able to stay with me overnight like in the birthing centre, no natural birth Id been hoping for.

I spent the next two weeks worrying that there was something wrong with baby again, linking up the dots by googling things ( I know worst thing to do !) In the meantime i had another community midwife appointment and it was my normal midwife again this time, she measured me 2 weeks behind at this appointment as well so she said had I not of already had the growth scan done from the last appointment she would of been making one for me this time from the measurements she got from this appointment. I was sure that baby wouldn't of grown at this growth scan and they would want to induce me, and my mam and dad weren't back off their holidays yet !!!oh no everything was falling apart!

Well I'm going to miss out the part where I tell you about having to take a 2 year old who was overtired into a consultant appointment because quite frankly you can probably guess what it was like..........anyway that appointment was big waste of mine and Andrews time and we were stressed to death with mason being a typical overtired toddler, all he told us was exactly what the lady at Durham hospital told us , if he hadn't grown at the growth scan next week then they would think about induction! the only thing to come out of it was that I asked if we could wait till at least my parents got back from their holiday, to which the answer was yes unless there is an emergency to get him out yeah I felt better after that appointment ....NOT

Fast forward a week to my growth scan, I had this today (Feb 8th 2017) my lovely friend Karen offered to have Mason while we went to the appointment and i couldn't of been more thankful for her! We finally were called up for our scan after waiting about 25-30 minutes in the waiting room, and the lady was lovely who carried out the scan. She asked me about everything I had been through in the pregnancy so far even after reading my notes, she said she liked to ask the patients to their faces what their pregnancy has been like. She shown us his little feet and hands and face, he was opening and closing his mouth loads and wriggling around loads too just like on the 4D scan! (I think we have a very active baby lol) and from all the measurements and such she honestly couldn't see any problems at all in growth, she said he is right where he should be in her eyes, so she ran all her measurements through the computer to give us an estimated weight of 6lb 13oz!!!!! and he is now on the 50th percentile line so he is growing at a normal pace! 

This is exciting as it means no induction, no consultant led care, and I hopefully will get the natural water birth I have been longing for since masons birth and in the birthing centre not on the maternity unit! 

Only thing I have to realise now is , baby might not come for another 3 or 4 weeks if they let me go over my due date lol!!! urghhhhhhh

I hope to keep you updated a bit more now I have my charger! 

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