Birth Story Of Baby Number 2!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm back with my birth story to tell you!!

Yup, I had my baby Boy at 5:17am on 2nd March 2017 at 40 + 2 weeks, and boy is his his birth story a one to tell!!!


I will be talking about as it happened not leaving any detail out, not going to sugarcoat anything, so if our easily offended or don't like reading about blood and other things that come with birthing a baby then stop reading now.......but you know

It was Thursday morning, early hours, and I wasn't sleeping great as you don in late pregnancy! but I had just managed doze off at around 3:15am. Mason was already in our bed with me and Andrew was on night shift.
I just remember feeling this almighty kick from inside my stomach down towards my groin, an d suddenly "GUSH", he had literally kicked his way out of his membrane/waters ! I shot up out of bed,
1. Because it shocked me so much and 2. because we have a brand new (expensive) super king bed that I didn't want to destroy!
After standing up and turning the landing light on to see how much water there was I realised that there was meconium in the waters (basically he had shit inside of me!) 
At this point i did start to panic a little because all i could think of was that my baby was in distress and I would probably need an emergency c-section! 
So I phoned Andrew at work...he didn't answer!! so I phoned my mam and dad, as they were coming over to my house to watch mason in the event that my waters broke in the middle of the night of early hours. I told them my waters had broke but there was Meconium in so I was going to ring the maternity ward at the RVI to see when to come in. I told my mam to come straight over though and in the meantime I rang Andrew again and told him to hurry up and get home, because at this point I was starting to get contractions. 
Next I phoned the maternity unit at the RVI, I explained everything to the lady on the phone to which her reply was "you need to come straight in and go to maternity ward, you will probably have to be induced if there is meconium in the waters" (there goes my natural water birthing, hypnobirthing active birth in the birthing centre !!)
In the meantime the contractions were getting very fast and strong and I was getting worried as my mam and dad still hadn't arrived and Andrew hadn't either! 
Fast forward about 10 minutes, if that, and I was in full blown labour pain! the surges/contractions were about 30 seconds apart, and they were so painful I couldn't do anything else but make loud cow like noises!! lol
and Mason and the dog were still asleep through them!
I eventually manged to get my trousers and a top on in between contractions, thankfully i heard the door open it was Andrew.....he managed to get back from work quicker than it took my mam and dad to get here lol (I think they thought they would have plenty of time to get over if my waters had only just broke)
By the time Andrew got upstairs I was bent over the bed really making some very unattractive noises and grunts lol the pain was getting unbearable now and i was really struggling to remember to do deep breathing like I had been practising throughout my pregnancy through hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga classes. 
Mason woke up after I let out a huge scream in pain, he woke up crying "mam mam" and was so concerned for me bless him, he came over to me and and kissed my shoulder, he was crying and panicking so much I felt so bad but I couldn't do anything else its like my body just took over!
Andrew was trying to calm him down and kept reassuring him that mammy was fine , all while watching out for my mam and dad, and rubbing the bottom of my back for me!
I could tell he was panicking as well.

Finally my mam and dad turned up and my dad took mason into the living room and my mam told him "mammy is just pretending to make dinosaur noises " 
He was OK after that and just played in the living room with my dad. My mam came upstairs to help me down the stairs, then when I got down I had to stop in the kitchen and started doing those "dinosaur" noises again and I had to bend over the Kitchen bench, (I later found out that my next door neighbours that AREN'T joined on to our house heard everything clear as day so that puts it into perspective how loud I was lol). My mam was quite concerned by this point, the contractions were coming far to close together, it was quite apparent that I wasn't going to be going to the RVI in Newcastle, instead it was going to have to be an Ambulance job to Durham hospital (our nearest hospital only 10 mins away) so Andrew phoned for an ambulance. They got to my house very fast I think it only took them 5 or 10 mins if that, but I was becoming more an more adamant that I needed to push so as soon as they turned up they brought the gas and air in for me, which I can confirm took a lot of the pain away ( didn't work at all with my first birth just made me tired!) but this time it really took the edge of the contractions! 
I started walking towards the front door to get into the ambulance but had another contraction so the ambulance lady shut the door (so I didn't wake up the whole street lol) then after that one it was time to walk as fast as I could to the ambulance before another one set in. I got into the ambulance and wasn't very happy when they told me I had to lie down on the bed and be strapped in ! that was the worst position I could think of being in at that point because I had so much pressure in my lower back/bum. I obliged anyway and lay on my side in an awkward half laying half sitting up position ! 
I made a stupid decision to tell Andrew to follow up in the car with all the bags and for my mam to come in the ambulance with me! My mam helped me a lot throughout the contractions though and kept reminding me to breathe. 
We had to pull over half way to the hospital because I was sure he was making his entrance, but the ambulance man checked and told me he wasn't visible yet, thankfully!
The ambulance was just coming to the entrance of the hospital when I had this Almighty urge to push! It was strange for me to feel this because I didn't have it with Masons birth. I remember looking at my mam with my eyes wide open and sucking on the gas and air as if to say "shit shit hes coming!!!" so I took the mouth piece out of my mouth and said "Hes coming hes coming !!"

The ambulance man took my trousers off for me (loss of dignity 1- ainsleigh 0 )
and I was right he was coming his head was crowning!! I had also done my worst fear and a lot of woman's worst fear in childbirth.....yes I shit myself !!! were not going to go into that though ( loss of dignity 2- ainsleigh 0) I was reassured that most women do it, but most don't realise ......Thanks for that! his head was crowning for a couple of seconds then all of a sudden out came his head and in the same contraction out came his whole body !!!! 
The ambulance man (I should really call him the  paramedic really shouldn't I? or even better his name was Malcolm lol) delivered my baby in the back of an ambulance outside A&E entrance to the hospital!

Andrew missed the birth!!!! I hadn't even twigged on until I seen the doors of the ambulance open and he looked so shocked to see a baby lying there lol.
I asked him later if he was upset that he hadn't seen him be born but he said he was a little but he was just so glad that it all happened the way it did and that there was no emergency and both me and baby were fine.
He did get to cut the cord which was nice because he did that with masons as well, and believe it or not as much as my birth didn't go to plan a lot of the things in my birth plan actually happened, like no drugs only gas and air (because I didn't have any other choice lol) delayed cord clamping (because they had to wait until the midwives got into the ambulance that had been called down from the delivery ward lol) 

The midwives did everything they needed to do while I held our gorgeous little man, I was in awe with him and with the birth an everything, It was such a different birth to Masons, I remember everything the pain the crowning the birth everything and I loved it ! It sounds strange to love remembering the pain but if you have had a natural birth you will know what I mean.
We finally got up into a room where I should of been to give birth! I tore a little bit so needed stitches but it didn't hurt at all, I was still sucking on the gas and air lol

We were left alone to bond with our little man and I had my first go at feeding him as he was clearly hungry, he was rooting already and showing signs of been ready to feed. He latched straight away and fed for about 15 minutes! We still couldn't believe he was here and how he got here! I think we were still in shock from it all.

Big brother Mason came in to see his Little Brother and I could tell straight away that he was going to love him so much, he came up onto the bed and kissed me and gave his brother a tiny little kiss on his cheek!! He then proceeded to have a full blown toddler tantrum lol 
We got out the hospital the following evening (which I wasn't happy about! I was told we could go the same day as it was early morning delivery.!) but I'm glad I did stay now because it got me used to breastfeeding again, and the midwives were there if I needed them for anything.

I'm writing this almost a month after the birth of my little baby boy, mainly because I have not had two minutes to myself, with cluster feeding, trying to diffuse my toddler tantrums like a bomb disposal unit, and also trying to pay as much attention to him as I can so he doesn't feel left out, oh and the washing ......why us there so much washing come from a newborn !!!! but I finally had two minutes to myself so there you have it!!

I know you probably just want to look at pictures so here you go,

Introducing our newest member to the family......


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