Pregnancy TAG!! (round 2!)

Hi Everyone! 

I did this TAG when I was pregnant with Mason , so I thought I'd post it again relating to this pregnancy!

1. How and when did you find out you were pregnant? 
I found out I was pregnant this time when I was 4 days late! I had taken a pregnancy test every day and it was negative until the 4th day and there was the tiniest little faded red line !

2. How did you feel?
surprisingly very laid back! I was absolutely beaming inside but felt like I couldn't get my hopes up to much in case anything went wrong

3. How old were you?

4. How did you tell your partner?
Text him a picture of the test and said "can you see a red line on here? I think your going to be a daddy again!!"

5. Did you wait three months to tell people? Why/why not?
I didn't wait the three month but In a way I wish we had now after all the drama we had at the 12 week scan (read this post if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

6. Is this your first?
Nope I already have a gorgeous little man called Mason who has just turned two

7. Do you want more?
We always said to each other only two, but I think if it wasn't for lack of space in our 2 bedroom house and financial matters we probably would have 3

8. Your biggest craving?
Anything spicy and Chinese food and milk lol

9. What's the best part of being pregnant?
The second time around its so different because you know more, I still cant believe we have created another separate little life other than masons ! this baby moves a lot more than mason did so I'm reminded of that every minute or so lol

10. What's the worst part of being pregnant?
The only thing I have really suffered with this time is Acid reflux, oh and the constant worry until hes here safe!

11. Will you find out the gender? What do you prefer?
We already know were having another little man! we had to have the cvs procedure so we found out quite early on the gender

12. Do you have names picked out, and what are the stories behind them?
 we struggled so much with boys names , we had a list of girls names we liked but that obviously wasn't going to help us lol but we have finally agreed on a name 

13. What's your birth plan?
I will be calling it my birth "preferences" this time, you simply just can not "plan" your birth ! as i found out with my birth of mason! I'm hoping to use hypnobirthing this time and use the pool as a method of pain relief 

14. Will you breastfeed?
Yes hopefully! i fully plan on breastfeeding and I'm hoping it goes a little better this time as I know what to expect and I also know now not to listen to any midwife that tells me to only feed him every 4 hours! I will be feeding on demand.

15. Do you plan to work or be a stay at home mom?
After my maternity leave I will be going back to work part time only two days a week.

16. Will you make your own baby food?

Hopefully ! I think if I get the hang of breastfeeding this time I'm going to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 month then do baby led weaning 

17. Do you have nursery ideas/themes?
Well unfortunately Little L will be sharing a room with mammy and daddy for the first year so his nursery will be a corner of our room but we have just newly decorated our room a lovely dark grey and we are buying nursery accessories to go with our grey/yellow theme

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