Planning Masons 1st Birthday Already!!!

Hi Everyone,

Yes you heard me right! Mason is only 7 1/2 months old but I'm already starting to plan his first birthday! If you know me you will know how stupidly organised I have to be at anything in life! and this is definitely one of those things I have to get perfect! 

I cant wait till Mason is 1 but in another way I really don't want him to age anymore! I want him to stay little forever! (don't we all!) but its inevitable, it going to happen whether I like it or not.

I have started using Pinterest to gather some ideas on what theme I want to go with but I'm swaying towards a 'vintage circus theme' at the minute, this could change 10 times before his actual birthday lol but that's what it is for now!

I have decided to document all my planning up till the day on my blog so I can look back at it one day and think "wow how many times did I change my mind!" lol 

If you have any circus themed ideas please tell me ! I need all the help I can get to plan Masons EPIC first birthday!!!!


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