My Top 3 Beauty Products!

H Everyone!

Well I haven't done a Beauty related post for ages so I thought I would share with you my current Top 3 Beauty Products!

  1.  At number 1 its my everyday foundation 'Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation'. I always wear this foundation in shade 53 in the summer and 52 in the winter. Its the only foundation that I have used that so far hasn't affected my sensitive skin! and its also very light, you hardly notice you have it on!
  2.  Number 2 is my everyday face cream (although its more of a body cream but I use it on my face and Masons body and face) Aveeno Moisturiser. I was recommended this by my friend when Masons skin was really dry and rashy, this was the only thing that cleared it all up! So I decided to try it on my own body and face and now I'm hooked !!!
  3. At number 3 its my Lady GaGa 'Fame' perfume. I never thought I would like this but my husband bought it for me for my last birthday and I was really surprised how much I like it ! Its the only perfume I wear now (apart from Gucci Rush when I have the money to buy it lol) 

Well there's my top 3 beauty products whats yours?


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