The 20 Questions Mammy TAG!!!

Hi Everyone!

I haven't done a TAG in forever !!! So I have picked this one to share with you all!

  1. Are you a SAHM or A working Mam? I'm still on Maternity Leave at the minute but I will be going back to work part time.
  2. Would you have it any other way? erm yes! I wouldn't go back to work lol
  3. Do you co-sleep? if you class Mason waking up at 4am and me bringing him into my bed so he goes back to sleep co-sleeping then yes I do !
  4. One must have item for baby his jumperoo!
  5. How many kids do you plan on having? 2 hopefully 
  6. Date night? how many nights (or days) per month well we do go out sometimes when we can mainly to the cinema or for a meal not that often though
  7. Your child's favourite show? definitely the Twirlywoos!!
  8. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby that you never really used? I thought I was going to be breastfeeding for a lot longer than I did so I bought a boppy pillow, I think I used it a handful of times!
  9. Your child's favourite food? at the minute its strawberries 
  10. How many cars does your family have? just the one Nissan Juke!
  11. Weight gain before pregnancy, during, after and now? well I was about 10 stone before i was pregnant then i went to 11 stone when I was pregnant then the weight seem to just drop off me as soon as i had mason the lowest i went to was 9 stone 3lb but i have managed to creep up to 9 stone 12lbs ! (the diet starts tomorrow !)
  12. Dream vacation with the kiddos? its got to be Disney World!!
  13. Dream vacation without the kiddos? Colorado skiing!!
  14. How has your life changed since your baby has been born? its made me a lot more patient than I used to be, I also don't get much time to myself (what mammy does lol)
  15. Finish the sentence: "it makes my heart melt to see.." mason smiling and laughing at the twirlywoos !
  16. Where do you shop for your kids? clothes wise I go to H&M kids, Zara kids, Next, GAP, 
  17. Fav mommy make-up and skincare products? when I do have the chance to wear make up I love using my Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation and my Urban Decay naked eyeshadow pallet, as for skin care I love my Aveeno skin cream!
  18. Huggies Diaper Jeans, Yay or Nay? after googling what these where I'd say Yay, they are super cute!!!
  19. Have you always wanted kids? always....since i could remember lol
  20. Best part of being a mom? knowing that you created a lovely little human being who wants to cuddle you all the time !! (for now anyway lol)

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