Masons 3 month update !!

Hi Everyone !!

Well I do apologise I normally have masons updates up at the start of the week but iv totally forgot !! To be honest I think I'm in denial that he's actually 3 month old already !!!! 
Lots of changes since his last update ! Mason is full on teething already ! Poor baby ! His hands are constantly in his mouth and he's drooling allllll the time ! He's had a few episodes of screaming with the pain but I have found giving him one dose of calpol helps. I have also just purchased some teething granules so I'm going to give them a go aswell. 
He's so strong and can hold his head up by himself now ! He is also very strong minded and when I take the bottle out of his mouth he screams and arches his back while trying to burp him untill I put the bottle back in his mouth !!He is much more alert now, he's noticing different peoples faces. Whenever he sees a "new" face he smiles and has a bit giggle its so cute ! That's another thing he's doing a lot more of now ....giggling ! He has a very tickely belly and giggles lots when I tickle him ! He's starting to do a lot more with his hands, it's like he's just discovered them ! He pulls his own dummy out of his mouth ( he can't put it back in though ....not good at night for mammy!!!). He is starting to enjoy playing with toys, anything that sings or talks to him he loves so much ! He doesn't really have a favourite toy yet though. 
I'm having to start putting kids channels on the television now because of he's crying or being fussy as soon as I put them on he stops and starts smiling !! (I'm sorry but kids programmes are the most annoying thing ever I don't think il ever get used to them ! Lol) but it makes my little man happy so goodbye "This Morning" and hello "peppa pig" !!

Masons currently in size 3-6 month clothing but he's growing so fast ! He weighs 12lb 9 1/2oz just slightly under the mark but nothing to worry about. I upped his milk from 6oz to 7oz and he's taking it fine so hopefully next time he gets weighed he will of put on a bit more weight. We have an established routine now and it fits perfect for our lifestyle. We have our 5:30/6am feed then we go back to bed Untill his 9:30/10am feed. Then I top and tail him and get him ready for the day, then he usually takes a nap while mammy has a bath and gets ready. His next bottle is around 1:30/2pm then next one at 5:30/6pm. We have a bit tummy time and play as much as we can after that bottle but this is his most twisty time of the day ! His bath is around 8 and then his last bottle is 9pm, in bed by 9:30pm ! And I'm very lucky to have a baby that sleeps right through till his bottle again at 5:30/6pm !! 
Here's some recent pictures of Mason ...

And this is Masons new friend Max! (Max's mammy has a blog too check her out !)


Till next time ! 
Toodles !!!


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