Masons Room Tour!!!

Hi Everyone !!

I have finally got round to doing this post! I have wanted to do it since I was pregnant but just haven't had the time to properly sort his room out ! Its by no means finished, I still have picture frames to hang up, a radiator cover to fit and a bookcase to put up! but I just couldn't wait any longer, I wanted to share his lovely bright and colourful nursery with you all!!! 
A lot of the bits and pieces I actually made or painted myself so I'm quite proud of myself considering Im not very artistic !! 

Well here you go, step inside and have a look and be sure to leave comments!!

The door sign was actually a prop I used for my Baby Shower, I bought it from Hobby Craft.

This is the view of my changing station. The MASON letters were bought from Hobby Craft and I painted them the colours of his nursery with Acrylic Paint also from Hobby Craft. The two photo frames were actually bought at a second hand shop and I painted them with the same colours as the letters. I do actually have another two to go above the existing ones but daddy searle hasn't got round to putting them up yet !!

The Changing mat is from Mothercare.

I purchased this little basket from Tesco because I love chevron and it was the colours of his nursery!! I have it on top of the changing table and always have it stocked up with nappies, wipes, nappy cream and anything else I might need to hand.

The Changing table was actually my grandmas, she was going to chuck it out so I claimed it off her! It used to be a very dark wood but I worked my magic on it and made it all shabby chic! The handles were bought from the same second hand shop as the photo frames, and I painted them with the acrylic paint.

 If you know me you know Im a sucker for being organised! well I had to have the drawers all organised too! The bottom drawer is full of his socks, short sleeve vests, long sleeve vests and hats. As you can see i have them all separated from each other in little boxes that I purchased from Ikea.

                                                                                                         The middle drawer is also little boxes! Bibs, burp cloths, mitts, and bath time accessories. 

Another view of the changing station!

On to the cupboard! As you can see he has a lot of clothes! lol so again it had to be all organised! The two orange boxes on the top shelf were from B&Q and the round black box was from TK max. I have two plastic pull out drawers i the bottom of the cupboard for his larger sized clothes, shoes nappies, and toiletries.

 I labeled the drawers with my Moustache chalkboard stickers from Hobby Craft.

This is my Nursing chair that my lovely mother in law bought me! its soon comfy! The Boppy Pillow was ordered from Amazon but I know Mothercare sell it aswell. 

Masons big boy cot that turns into a bed when he's older was purchased from Mothercare.

He got lots of Teddies for christmas so this is where they live for now! The bedding we went for is from Mammas & Papas.

This lovely blanky and rattle was a gift from my lovely friend Catherine (she has a mammy blog too, go check it out!

This storage/ toy box is from TK Max. I was looking all over for a one that went with all the colours of his room then I came across this beauty!!

This cute little end table was bought from that lovely second hand shop that I got the frames and the drawer knobs from. I painted it white to go with the room! 

My lovely friend Becky bought me this when I gave birth to Mason! I absolutely love it to bits!!!

I was so pleased when I saw this glass jar in TK Max! I just had to get it it says "perfect mason" on the bottom !!!! I just have some cotton wool inside to make it have a purpose lol!

These boxes were all from different people. The big book like one was from my friend Lianne, I have all his baby shower and birth cards in. The tiffany blue coloured one is what the blanky and the rattle came in. The chevron box was off my sister Kirsty, she put some pictures of mason in it and a lovely outfit for him at christmas! and the big box with writing on it is from TK Max. I bought it because i just loved the quotes on it and at the minute its holding all of Masons clothes that are too small for him now !! :( 

Well there you have, Masons room tour. I hope you liked it, I love his room and I really enjoyed decorating it and making all the little bits and pieces for it ! It should hopefully be finished soon but hey....Masons a long way off sleeping in there yet so I have plenty of time!!!



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