Mammy's Tips & Tricks!!

Hi Everyone !!

The little one is sleeping so blog time for mammy!! 

I thought I'd share with you some Mammy Tips & Tricks that have helped me with a newborn! Some of them are better than others but you just find what works best for you !!

  1. If the vest hasn't been pooped,wee'd or spewed on then you can probably get away with it another day rather than making that mountain of washing even higher!! (note: Im not a bad mam really! I only do this if he hasn't had it on long lol)
  2. Carry at least 5 bibs around with you at all times, even in the house!! sick and drool are your worst enemy when they have the best outfit on ever!!
  3. If you have a little boy, make sure that you have his bum wiped, nappy cream put on and new nappy securely fastened in 2 seconds flat or the sprinkler will get you!!!!!!!
  4. To tie in nicely with no 3, don't decide will be a fun game to blow raspberries on his belly while naked! *thats the baby not you!* he will think its even funnier to wee in your ear! (true story!)
  5. If you think your baby has done a number 2 in his nappy, make sure he's finished before removing the nappy!!!!!!!!!! (another true story!)
  6. If baby is sleepy but won't nap/or he is fighting his sleep I always use the app on my iPhone called SOUND SLEEPER. It has a list of sounds that help baby sleep, Mason loves the noise of the hairdryer !!
  7. I mentioned this in my Top 5 Newborn Must Haves post but I'm going to say it again.....if your bottle feeding the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep bottle maker machine is GOD!!!!! get it if you want your life made easier!! One thing though make sure you have spare Filters in the house I learnt this the hard way this week and the little red light came on to replace the filter and Oh NO!! we didn't have any spare! so I had to order them from Argos and they are going to take 4 working days to get here! so waiting for the kettle to boil and cool down is going to be the bane of my life for the next 4 days or so!!!!
I probably could think of loads more but I can see Masons eyes twitching so best stop there and give you a complete post instead of half finished lol.


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