Whats In My Hospital Bag: Mammy Edition !!

Hi Everyone!!

Sorry Its taken so long to get this up, I have been waiting until I was happy that I had everything I needed in my hospital bag before posting.
Anyway I think...and I say "think" I have everything sorted now so here it is my Whats In My Hospital Bag: Mammy Edition!

I was going to buy a new bag to take all my stuff in but I decided that my travel suitcase is big enough and it will save me some money if I just use that!

So this is my lovely suitcase, and I also forgot to mention in my "Whats in my hospital bag:Baby Edition" post that I will be taking my Boppy Pillow for easy feeding after the birth.

Lets start with the pockets on the underside of the lid..... 

Starting from the top, left to right...
1) my make-up bag
2) bottle of shower gel
3) wash cloth
4) green wash bag with a razor, face cloth, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste & nivea body cream!
5) hairbrush
6) hand gel sanitiser 
7) lanolin nipple cream
8) body shop lip balm 
9) toothbrush holder
10) hairband
11) selection of breast pads

Now into the main part of the case...

1) bikini (for water birth.....if the birthing pool is free!)
2) 3 comfy nursing bra's 
3) 4 pack of black cheap Primark knickers!
4) 2 pair of warm cosy socks
5) 4 horrible disposable knickers lol (everyone says to take them in just in case!)

6) 2 front opening PJ tops in cream and plum
7) very loose and comfy PJ bottoms

8) two loose fitting Nighties (the dark coloured one is front opening for easy feeding, although I like the other one better.....the dark coloured one makes me look like a dinner lady lol)

9) black comfy yoga pants and jumper for going home outfit , I'm not bothered about looking good leaving the hospital as long as I'm comfy! ( I must add though I forgot to picture the black maternity cami top I will be wearing under the jumper)

10) Two decent size towels, one for hair and darker colour for body.

11) bath pillow that has cooling beads inside it (I got this as a present years ago and thought it would be ideal if I do get the chance to have a water birth)
12) 3 packs maternity pads ....30 too many????

Last but not least ......

13) a pair of warm cosy slippers for walking around the ward in!

There is a few things that aren't pictured but I haven't missed them off, I have a separate list for things to shove in last minute. Here's the list....

2)Phone & Charger
3)Camera & Charger
4)I-pad for Andrew to play on lol
6)Baby journal (to get his hand and footprint in it)
7)Change for the car park/ Purse
8)Dressing Gown (Im still using it on a night and it also won't fit in my case so its going to have to go in a plastic bag ! lol)

Well I think that's it lol!!! if there is anything you think I have missed out or anything you think I don't need please let me know!!!



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