30 Weeks Pregnancy Update!!!

How far along?  30 weeks!
Maternity clothes: No new clothes however I did buy two new Nursing Bras from Mothercare this week. I actually went for a proper fitting but what I didn't know was that you have to be at least 37 weeks to be fitted for a nursing bra because your still growing at my stage. I still bought a pack though because to be honest all my bras are so tight on me at the minute there so uncomfortable so I just needed something that fit me now, I can always go back and get another one after Iv had baby and my Breasts have settled at a particular size. I did find it hilarious though that I walked with two 38DD Bras!!! I wish they stayed like that lol!
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Not to different from last week. I'm still not able to find a good nice comfortable position to sleep in and pair that along with going to the loo 5 times a night then come on how the hell are you supposed to sleep!! 
Best moment this week: I think my best moment this week was attending a breast feeding class at my hospital with Andrew. They gave us so much information that really helped me to understand breastfeeding and the way to go about it. I would definitely recommend taking one of these free classes if you can!
Miss anything? sleep!
Movement: His kicks are becoming very strong and he seems to be doing a lot of moving around ...maybe getting into position ?
Food cravings: Milk and Chocolate!
Anything making you queasy or sick? nope
 Gender: A Little Man!!!!
Labour signs: Apart from a lot of movement, maybe him trying to get into head down position I haven't really had any new signs!
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks all the time ! My belly has started to itch a bit as well, oh and how can I forget the HEARTBURN, INDIGESTION & ACID REFLUX!!!!
Belly button in or out? none existent lol It really doesn't look like there is a belly button on my stomach !!
Wedding rings on or off? Off!! 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy but tired !
Looking forward to: My antenatal class next weekend, Andrew will be coming with me as well! he's a good husband bless him!

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