What's In My Hospital Bag: *BABY EDITION *!!!

Hi Everyone!!

I have looked forward to packing my hospital bags since I was about 15 weeks pregnant but obviously that was way too early so I held off. You do not even realise how hard this has been for me ! I'm a planner, an organiser....I make lists for everything, I'm a perfectionist what can I say! So having to wait god knows how many weeks was horrible! I wrote about 5 different lists of stuff I wanted to take with me and watched numerous "Whats in my hospital bag" videos on YouTube and while they were very informative and helped me decide what should stay and what should go on my Huge list.....It just made me more eager to pack mine!

I'm 31 Weeks today, and I have finally gave in! I never knew there could be so much excitement in packing a bag but boy did I have fun!! I wanted to share with you what I have packed into my little mans hospital bag, now there will be some of you that have had children before that may think "what the eff is she taking that for" or "ohhh she's forgot this and that" so please if there is anything you don't think I will need or anything you think I have forgotten that I will definitely need then please leave a comment below !!!

First of all as you can tell by the title this is what I'm taking to the hospital in my nappy bag for my baby, I will upload my "whats in my hospital bag:*mammy edition* a little later as I still have a few bits an pieces I need to buy to go in it!

I have used my SkipHop Forma Changing Bag as my little mans hospital bag. If you would like to see my review post on this bag click HERE

First of all I will start with the front pocket and whats inside the two pull outs!

In the Mesh fronted pull out I just have some Cotton Balls, Nappy Sacks, Cotton Pads, Barrier Ointment, Sanitising Hand Gel and Johnson's Baby Nappy Cream.

In the other pull out (supposed to be for bottles lol) I have some Water Wipes, Johnson's Baby First Touch Shampoo, All-In-One Wash and Oil.

In the two side pockets now. In the left side I have some Tommee Tippee Soother, teat and teether wipes, and in the right hand side pocket I have 2x White Bibs and 1x Burp Cloth.

In the back zip pocket I have 5x size 1 newborn sensitive skin nappies and 5x size 1 newborn nappies both Pampers make. I also have the fold out Changing Mat that came with the bag in there.

Now for the main inside compartment of the bag!

This is one of two Going Home Outfits I have packed mainly because I had two absolute favourites and couldn't make my mind up lol if your wondering where this adorable outfit it from I picked it up at H&M Kids.

Next I have a cute little sleepsuit and Knitted Cardigan (this was a gift from my grans sister) in case its cold in the hospital.

This little set was from TK MAX and the far right outfit with the bib is my second Going Home Outfit I'm bringing with me. There is also another sleepsuit with matching Hat and a Short Sleeve Vest.

I have packed another 2x Vests and 1x more Sleepsuit, although the little vest on the right is very very small and I'm not sure it will even fit him if he's a big baby!

Last but not least I have a few more essentials like a Pack of Pampers Sensitive Wipes, 2x Muslin Cloths 1x Receiving Blanket, Soft Bristle Brush, 2x Pair White Scratch Mittens, 4x Pairs of Socks (two which go with going home outfit), 2x Large Swaddling Blankets and finally .....2x NUK newborn soothers/Dummy's. 

So there you have it! I hope this post has helped you if you are at the stage of Packing your babies hospital bag...and remember if there is ANYTHING you think I have missed out or if I have packed certain things I defiantly won't need please leave me a comment below!! I love getting new comments !



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