25 Weeks Pregnancy Update!!

How far along?  25 weeks!
Maternity clothes: No new maternity clothes, but as you can see on my picture them stretchy maternity jeggings aren't so "stretchy" anymore!!
Stretch marks: None, but there is a little red mark on my belly and I'm not sure if its where I have itched it or if its a stretch mark forming!!! :(
Sleep: Sleeping loads better now! especially with being off work at the minute I'm managing to have a nice lie in on a morning and getting that much needed extra rest. (that is after I have gone down at 5am sharp every morning to let the dog out! he has decided to give me a test run for when the baby is here I think lol)
Best moment this week: This week I met up with a friend who is also pregnant. It was really nice to sit and talk about baby stuff together and it was scorcher outside so we sat in the sun at the champagne bar sipping our non alcoholic drinks and swatting away wasps !!! 
Me and Andrew visited an Aquarium near where we live just for something different to do. It was .....OK lol basically we were round it in like 20 minutes and I think we were the only ones there without kids lol but on the plus side I got to see some very lively otters, they were soooo cute!!
I also had my midwife appointment this week and Andrew came with me. He listened to his sons heartbeat for the first time and the midwife measured my belly to make sure I was at the right size, and I was spot on as I measured 25cm (you roughly measure the same in cm's as how many weeks you are so I had just gone 25 weeks on Monday and my appointment was on Thursday)
Oh and one more thing, I know most of you will be like "Its way to early to start washing stuff!!!" but yeah Iv started washing all his clothes and bedding and blankets already lol.....in fact i have the last load in the washer as we speak!....I'm a super organised person lol!
Miss anything? I have gone back to missing dippy eggs!! :(
Movement: Loads of movement he never stops now !
Food cravings: Dippy eggs!
Anything making you queasy or sick? nope, thankfully!
 Gender: A Little Man!!!!
Labour signs: No major labour signs obviously too soon yet but I'm sure iv been having a few Braxton Hicks contractions!
Symptoms: Like I mentioned above, I have been getting a lot of tightening in my belly now and then. It feels so weird and only lasts like 30 seconds or something but its definitely a new symptom this week!
Belly button in or out? Its still where it was last week!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!! and getting very very excited now!
Looking forward to: Another week off until I have to go back to work!!! More chilling out, more baby planning, oh and its only 12 days till my Best friends wedding!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

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  1. Hi Ainsleigh Conguralation, its glad to know that you are exicted