26 Weeks Pregnancy Update!!!

How far along?  26 weeks!
Maternity clothes: No new clothes this week but I have started to wear loose fitting clothes whenever I'm just in the house because everything is starting to be a little to tight now for me ! :(
Stretch marks: No stretch marks yet thank god!!!
Sleep: Just the same as last week really, because I was still off work this week I have been getting a lie in and also the occasional nap through the day!!!!
Best moment this week: We visited my mam and dad on their camping trip to the lakes this week and took our Jack Russel Loki. It was lovely weather and I actually managed to drive the two hours there without having to stop! although once we got there I was bursting for the loo!! 
Miss anything? Nothing in particular !
Movement: He's still a little trooper in there kicking and hiccuping allay every day!!
Food cravings: Strawberry fizzy laces!! and cherry coke!
Anything making you queasy or sick? nope, thankfully!
 Gender: A Little Man!!!!
Labour signs: Still getting a few Braxton Hicks this week!
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, round ligament pains, cramps in my legs pretty much sums it up!
Belly button in or out? Its still where it was last week!
Wedding rings on or off? Off!! I have officially had to take my wedding ring off because I have sausage fingers!
Happy or moody most of the time: happy happy happy!
Looking forward to: My bestys wedding on Friday!!!! 

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