Update ....Yes...Im Back!!!!

Hi everyone!

Well first of all let me just get down to the nitty gritty, I decided to end this blog as you all will know because of a few personal reasons, but them personal reasons have gone now....I'm not going to tell you what they were because they were well.....personal lol but what I will tell you is I DONT CARE anymore about what other people think and I will continue to do what I love, that is writing and also helping other people in the same situation as me, because if I can feel like I'm helping even just one person get through the struggles of TTC then I'm happy!

so, I suppose I better give you all an update on whats happening! When I left you I wasn't sure what was next because I had to be taken off the Chlomid as I was experiencing visual disturbances. Since then I had been referred to Bishop Auckland ACU to discuss what was next and to meet my Fertility Doctor.

My first appointment was fairly straight forward, just a quick meeting with the fertility nurse who took my height, weight, ect. The next appointment was to meet our Fertility Doctor who was lovely if I may add! He gave us the option of IUI or IVF, but he recommended we try IUI first. So we obviously chose to go with the IUI first as they allow 6 attempts at this before moving on to IVF. 

We have very luckily been scheduled for our first IUI this cycle!!! So I have to start testing with the OPK from cycle day 10 then when I get my positive surge I have to ring the hospital before 8am to let them know, then they will arrange a time on that same day for us to come in and get the procedure done!

For all of you that don't know whats involved in the IUI process, basically the male will have to give his sperm sample then the lab will do a process called 'washing' this eliminates all the 'bad' sperm and only leaves those great little swimmers! then the not so nice part for the lady, the partners sperm is put into a syringe that is attached to a catheter, which is then placed inside the womb and them good little swimmers will hopefully be there to meet the egg and make a miracle !!

On a more personal note, from all the negatives pregnancy tests and failures we have had for the past 17 months I just can't get myself excited about this, I fear that if I get my hopes up again and it doesn't work then I'm going to be going through all the same emotions as before with all the failed attempts........but I'm trying my hardest to stay positive !

I will update you after my next visit to the hospital which will be when I go to get the IUI done! 



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