IVF....... Will it be the next step?

Hi Everyone!

So like I said in my last post I'm no longer taking Chlomid, so the question is what is next? 
Well my Doctor rang me on Friday and told me he had received a letter back from my fertility specialist saying that we were right to take me off the Chlomid as I had reacted badly to it, so he suggested that my GP send me a letter of referral out with a list of all the fertility clinics in the North East England, then i can choose which clinic I want to be referred to. So I'm just waiting for this letter to come in the post and that's that!

My GP told me I should start scouring the Internet now to look at success rates of certain clinics ect, so that what I did straight away and to be honest I haven't  made my mind up yet but Newcastle fertility clinic at the Centre For Life is looking like a good option. 
The one thing that hasn't been explained to me yet however is whether or not Its going to be IVF I'm getting or not? I'm kind of hoping it is going to be IVF but like my Mam said to me, its better to try everything they offer you before IVF because if you jump straight to IVF and it doesn't work then I'm going to wish I had tried other methods first! because as I'm aware you get 3 attempts at IVF on the NHS if you are under 40 and depending on your postcode. So i know that's 3 chances of it working but its also 3 chances of it not working ! But I'm going to stay positive from now on its all in the hands of science at the minute lol I think after 2 years and 2 months I'm finally starting to realise its out of my hands and there Isn't anything I can do about it!!!

I'm keeping this post short because I'm sure i will have lots to tell you on the next update .....Hopefully!

Ainsleigh x

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