Sponsoring Man Of The Match At The Stadium Of Light!!!

Hi everyone!
Yesterday me and my family went to a Football event at Sunderland Stadium Of Light, so I thought I would share some pictures of the day and tell you all just what an amazing time we had!!
My dad and His business (Durham Foods) were sponsoring man of the match for our side (Sunderland) at the Sunderland V Fullham game, and the whole family got to go aswell! I'm not much of a football fan myself but I can honestly say I loved it! 
The day started with us getting shown into the banqueting suite where we would be having our three course meal. Before that though anyone who wanted to have a quick tour around the teams changing rooms to see their strips ect were called up (I didn't go, I wasn't particularly bothered about seeing some shorts and t-shirts hanging up !) so after that was done with and everyone got back to their seats our party were asked if we would like to start eating to which I replied "YES, THANKS!"  I was very hungry!
The starter came out which was cream of cauliflower soup ( I though urghh I'm not going to like this one bit!) BUT it delicious!
Second course was just as delicious, with roast beef cooked to perfection! on top a bed of mashed potato and roasted carrots. Third course was dessert "MY FAV" course of them all! and it was a trio of mini cakes, there was a chocolate cheesecake, a lemon zesty cheesecake and a chocolate caramel fudge cheesecake ! I was in heaven!  

The Heavenly Desert !

So after I scoffed all that food it was time for the match to kick off! We were shown tour "padded!" seats, then the big loudspeaker in the stadium gave a quick run through of who were play on team and he also read out the match sponsors of the day and that's when our family business's name was read out !!!! and our logo came up on the big score board! It was a proud moment for 

Just seeing our logo up there makes me so proud of our family business !

After the match (we lost 1-0! ) we went back into the banqueting suite for tea or coffee and soon after the award ceremony started!
We were sponsoring man of the match, so my dad and grandad were called up on stage to present the award to the winner..............

After all that excitement we went through to the sports bar for a few drinks before our taxi arrived to pick us up, and in there my dad and grandad got talking to a few footballing legends! (or so I'm told....I wouldn't know who they were lol) take a look at the picture on my INSTAGRAM page!

Then it was time to go home :( but we had an amazing time! and I was so proud of my Dad and Grandad for getting up on stage and presenting the award! I hope we get to do loads more events like this !
There is some pictures of the day below if you would like to have a look!
Ainz xx

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