The Start Of Our Journey

In the beginning of our journey trying for a baby we honestly thought i would be pregnant in a couple of months . I was even trying to to time it right so that I would have summer baby ! I had names already picked out and knew what pushchair I wanted. I realise now I was taking everything for granted and have learnt never to take anything for granted again.

We decided to go to the doctors after only 6 months of TTC (mainly because I was getting impatient) and I got the whole "you have only been trying for 6 months and your still young, we recommend you just keep trying , it will happen when you least expect it " 
Now I have to mention this because its one of my pet peeves while TTC, absolutely everyone will tell you "it will happen when you least expect it " although they are just being nice and trying to help they don't understand that that's the last thing you want to hear because when you want a baby as much as I do you will never be "not" expecting it !
So anyway,  frustrated as I was I didn't really have a choice so we just kept trying. Months and months passed and I decided enough was enough it had been a year so they have to do tests now don't they?  All the tests started off with me getting my bloods taken to test the hormone levels and to basically make sure I was actually ovulating , tests came back fine and  I had ovulated that month . I had a few more blood tests done all confirming everything was normal, so the next step was to check everything was ok with Andrew and to spare you the details.....everything was Ay ok! After that I was referred to the hospital for an ultrasound, then came the visit to the fertility specialist. He decided the best thing now would be to have a laparoscopy (an operation performed to see if you have any endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, blocked fallopian tubes ect). I was scared to say the least considering I have never been to hospital for anything ! But I know its what had to be done, so the 14th February came (I know lovely day to be getting cut open, very romantic!)
I was feeling sick with worry I didn't know what to expect at all but Andrew was with me so I felt a bit better. The staff at the hospital were lovely and I felt very comfortable being in their care. After the operation (when I finally came around from the anesthetic) the fertility doctor told me I did have a very slight case of endometriosis behind my womb which he surgically removed by a laser while performing the operation. He said a lot of women fall pregnant straight after this operation, so naturally I got my hopes up again! He also said if I don't get pregnant within the next 6 months I would have to go back and see him and he would probably put me on some fertility drugs, so I am into my 3rd month post op and at the minute were just trying to enjoy ourselves and take a step back from TTC. 
In the next few months I will be posting on this blog about different topics and obviously keeping you updated on our TTC journey. 


  1. Hi Hun!! Keep your head high!! Take it one day at a time..or one min at a time..TTC is a rough journey but trust me the long run it will only make you a stronger person, and you will enjoy your pregnancy so much more then a person who can get pregnant right will enjoy the sickness and each and every little hickup and rib kick.... Can't wait to read more blogs :)

    1. Ah thanks For your lovely words ! I totally agree with you i think when my time eventually comes i will appreciate everything so much more because of how long we have been TTC . Hows your pregnancy going ?