Accupuncture, mood swings and all the rest !!! has been an eventful day !! I woke up and felt like I hadn't even gone to sleep, I was so tired all I wanted to do was go back to sleep...sorry I correct myself first go and buy lots of chocolate eat that then go back to sleep! 
The only way to describe my day today is basically 'mad woman who just wants chocolate ,sleep and cries at the RSPCA advert!' Yes I cried at the RSPCA all in all I have been on one hell of an emotional rollercoaster !
So I was really ready for my acupuncture appointment tonight ! Finally I could relax ! 
I actually decided myself that I wanted to try acupuncture after one of my mams friends recommended it to me. One of her friends had been TTC for a few years and she decided to try it out, two appointments later and she was pregnant ! 
I have been going for longer than that now but I swear by it ! Even if its just for the stress release and relaxation part of it all! I never knew that getting loads of little needles stuck in you could be that relaxing that I would literally fall asleep on the treatment table when she went out of the room!. 
Some people are worried that it hurts, or they think its going to be like getting an injection but it's absolutely not at all like that , in fact its quite the opposite its a weird feeling really, its very relaxing and gives you a sort of 'heavy' feeling around the area where the needles are. Overall its a very pleasant experience and I look forward to it every time. 
If your thinking of getting acupuncture make sure you do your research into finding a reputable practitioner because I had tried it once before at some ladies house and she stuck them in my ears ??? I mean I'm no acupuncture guru but when getting treated for infertility I could imagine that if your going to stick needles in your body to treat it best place is going to be your general stomach area right ???? Not your ears !! :-\
The clinic I go to is in Durham city centre and its called 'The Ren Clinic'. I pay £35 a session and I think its worth every penny ! Or it sure will be if I get pregnant anyway! 
If anyone has any questions on  acupuncture or anything else please just leave a comment below and I will do my very best to answer them xx ♥♡♥

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