Its time to get my healthy on!!!

This week I have ate nothing but junk food, takeaways and a jar of Nutella (yeah.....the whole jar in the space of 1 hour!)  so I have decided enough is enough and its about time I stopped being lazy and making excuses and get my healthy on again!!

I decided last year I wanted to get into a health kick and loose a little bit of weight, well  a stone to be precise, in order to help towards me conceiving. Iv never been a really big girl but at 5ft 2 and 10 stone (140lbs) I did look a little 'Tubby', so I decided to join slimming world and what a difference it made!
I was managing to loose all the weight and finally got down to 9 stone 1/2lb all seem to go downhill from then on.
I was getting lazy and it was becoming much easier to just reach for the chocolate digestive biscuits on a night time, then ordering curries on a weekend with Andrew (I'm starting to make myself hungry now oh no!..)
I had all the motivation in the world to loose it all again and stick to it this time but things kept popping up and there would be excuses like 'ohh its a lovely sunny day, we never get any of these in England, Ill just have a few glasses.....a bottle of wine! Or the mother in law would make her famous chocolate caramel shortbread and send some over for me ! (seriously the best shortbread I have ever tasted!).
So this time I have made it my mission to succeed! I remember the feeling when I was nearest my goal weight and I would love to feel that again. I was buying tight dresses and getting away with wearing them without Spanx lol, but most of all I felt a lot healthier, had more energy and more confidence.

So this is my before and after picture (although the way I have edited it, its more like after and before in that order lol) the first time round: (really embarrassing but that what motivated me to get skinny when I seen this picture!) I will be updating you as I go on my progress, and I will add the After ...After picture when I eventually loose it all again!

Yeah.....embarrassing !

I have started taking my preconception vitamins aswell, they are called Pregnacare Conception and you can pick these up from most chemists but I purchased them from Tesco as they were on 3 for 2 and only cost £7.37.
this is what they look like ;

I have also been told by my Acupuncturist to take a standard Omega 3 vitamin so I purchased mine from Boots and have started taking one every morning at the same time as I take my Preconception vitamin. 
As for the diet I'm going to be following my slimming world menu's and hopefully if I stick to it I WILL loose the weight again, I have done it before so I can do it again but this time I will make it a lifestyle change so that I don't get myself in this position again!
Why don't you HAVE A LOOK at the slimming world website for some inspiration of your own!

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