How to cope.....with not coping !

Any couple who have problems with TTC will know how hard it is sometimes to cope with the frustration, anger, sadness depression and many other feelings you didn't even know you could feel until now ! I wanted to make this post all about the ups and downs along the way and the feelings we all experience when TTC, and maybe even help other couples who are going through the same things as us. 

I remember the first feeling I had when we started trying, it was excitement mixed with a need to plan absolutely everything that week even down to what the going home outfit will look like ! I realise now how stupid that sounds ! But at that point I thought I would be pregnant within a month......

That excitement soon started to turn into anxiety and I started getting impatient! 
As time went on I went through phases of feeling like we are just never going to be able to have a baby ....the only way I can kinda describe it is when you book a holiday in advance and you know its coming but its like  2 years away and at first your planning everything, where your going to go what your going to do what clothes your going to take (this could just be me who does this but never mind lol) then as the days start turning into months you become frustrated like grrrrrrr why cant it be this time next year !! and then the months seem to drag and drag like they know your waiting for something exciting so they just add that little extra time onto every day ! Before you know it your half way into your wait but you have built up so much excitement and organised every last piece of the holiday already you cant even bear to put yourself through all of it again ! 
Ok its not that much of great comparison plus there's no set date on when your "Holiday" or conception in this case is, but the point is I keep building myself up for a miracle to happen every month and it never does !!  
I don't like pouring my heart out to everyone especially people I don't know who will be reading this but if anything I have found to help me through these "episodes" its talking about it ! getting it off your chest ! The more you keep it all in there the more you feel alone in your TTC journey and believe me your not alone ! There are so many couples out there who have different circumstances, different medical problems ect, but the one thing they have in common with you is they are all wanting the same outcome....a child ! 
I would love to do a Q & A post next so if anyone has anything they want to ask specifically just leave a comment down below and I will do my best to answer them ! 

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