Weekly Meal Plan

Hi Everyone 

This week was the start of my Slimming World Journey. 
I have decided for my own benefit and hopefully for others to document my food diaries weekly, so that I always have ideas on what to make as the weeks progress. I have found it so hard to find weekly meal planners on the Internet that suit me, they always seem to be very extravagant or just take too long to make! and with a 16 month old at my side my meals have to quick!

So here's week 1...

Monday 4th April 
(week commencing)

*NB This was the plan I made on the Saturday there will be different things I might change throughout the week but It gives me a rough guide so that I don't cheat! oh and sorry its so small I was having problems trying to upload the PDF file so I have had to just upload it as a JPeg !

On Sunday I made 3 lots of work lunches for Andrew so that I didn't have that to do through the week! It was grilled Cajun chicken with rice, broccoli and grilled asparagus.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you want me to post a few recipes that I have been making and also follow my Instagram for more updates and ideas!

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